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 Hey ultrafighter! Glad to see your pregnancy is progressing so well! 
goatmama- big hugs. I'm sorry you had to cancel and had crappy nurse. Did she tell you the measurements and how many?  Where are you at in your cycle? I ask this because if they were on the smaller side you should be able to continue. I know all providers and situations are different but- I had cysts every month. They were small enough I guess that the Dr. didn't worry about them and I started clomid cycle again. They always went away by my ultrasound right before the...
Here's my little bean! I saw the heart beat yesterday. Its 6mm long and beating 125-130! I'm so excited. It kinda sunk in more yesterday for sure. My nausea has been out of control for the past few days. Food is revolting for the most part. I have no appetite. BUT I am happy     
Hi everyone! Stopping by to let you know that we saw the heartbeat today! We've got a strong little bean growing in there! 6mm long and heart beat was 125-130 which is perfect!   
My aversions are really moody  For the most part meat is disgusting. Don't really want any veggies either. I want cheese, yogurt crackers. Salty and sour things are good for the most part. Potato chips are divine and so are lime popsicles (all natural).    Sugar aversion started immediately after conception for me. I'm a serious sugarholic so that was a major clue to pregnancy. I was able to get down some awesome chicken tacos yesterday so that was good. I just can't eat...
 hugs to all those with all day nausea. I'm still just getting waves but they are intense. Different things set me off- riding in the car, the smell of our kitchen garbage- I have to take that out every day if its full or not. Food in general is not that appealing to me right now. Especially protein. The smell makes me want to hurl even though I haven't yet. I'm learning to eat while nauseated which for me is a big deal.   Lots of insomina going on too. Dizziness has...
OMG that is so funny!! 
M.Q.- I've never had a facial either but it sounds wonderful! My skin hasn't reacted...yet.  Now you got me thinkin'   Congrats on feeling your little one move! How amazing. I haven't given a lot of thought to baby moon yet- I'm still so early in this pregnancy. I will probably cook ahead a bit and  just hang out around the bed. DH is really good about helping out with household stuff if I ask him. So I'll probably leave the cleaning to him or whoever is...
granolamommie- Huge hugs .  I'm so sorry for your loss.  Was this after your ICI?
I just don't get it- why would you consent to twins, vbacs and breeches increasing the likelihood of complications (from their pov) and take away the very things that could result in a successful homebirth??  This is very puintive! They want us to stay away from midwives obviously. This sounds like a attempted shutdown of midwifery in AZ.  
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