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Stevi- I am so sorry.   I wish you all the best and hope that you will be excited for your future. Whatever that may bring. Maybe your turn at mothering is still there, just in a different way than you wanted. You are so incredibly strong- unbelievably so! Good luck to you...
Blanca78 Congrats!!!      Were you by chance using Wondfos?  Mine was super light too and kinda greyish pinkish. Its only now that they are blaring pink at 20 dpo!  I think we are only a week a part for due dates!!
YAY Faithrainbow!!!   Huge congrats on your BFP! And that is so awesome you conceived on your first month trying. Have a healthy and easy pregnancy and birth. Sending you lots of sticky baby dust! 
LOL Lilac- That's what is happening to me too. I have to pee about that time and then I can't go back to sleep. Glad to hear it eases up until the 3 pees a night start  The YMCA sounds fun!! I know we have several here. Thanks for the tip. I'm definitely checking them out!
Baby #1 Due around Jan 15th or so. No gender guess yet....
    Oh my God- that is absolutely terrible.        Candle lit for the family and baby in Ohio.
Thank you all for the warm welcome!    Lilac- That is so amazing! I had no idea that you could see so much at just 8 weeks.      Anyone having insomnia? It started for me a few nights ago. I fall asleep fine but wake up at 3 am and can't go back to sleep. I'm still taking 400 mg of progesterone so I'm kinda surprised this is happening. I feel tired but not sleepy?
Thank you for the well wishes everyone!    Stevi- Are you still testing? You''ve gotta be around 13dpo by now ....any news?
Been trying for 2 years. The last 6 months were with a RE for infertility treatments. We finally conceived on our second iui. It was a big surprise I thought I was out of the running this month. I finally got my bfp at 15dpo. I've got good feelings about this little bean. All my other pregnancies I somehow knew I was going to lose. This one feels right!
  Hey everyone!   After 2 years ttc, 1 MC, multiple chemical pregnancies and 2 IUI's I am excited to say that I am pregnant! I'm due January 15th or so. This will be our first child at almost 37 for me and dh is 42.  Hoping this one is super sticky! I don't have my usual feelings of doom and anxiety so I'm going with the chance that this one is for real. I'm 4 weeks and will have my first ultrasound Tuesday for measurements and to see how many sacs are in there.    We...
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