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LOL Lilac- That's what is happening to me too. I have to pee about that time and then I can't go back to sleep. Glad to hear it eases up until the 3 pees a night start  The YMCA sounds fun!! I know we have several here. Thanks for the tip. I'm definitely checking them out!
Baby #1 Due around Jan 15th or so. No gender guess yet....
    Oh my God- that is absolutely terrible.        Candle lit for the family and baby in Ohio.
Thank you all for the warm welcome!    Lilac- That is so amazing! I had no idea that you could see so much at just 8 weeks.      Anyone having insomnia? It started for me a few nights ago. I fall asleep fine but wake up at 3 am and can't go back to sleep. I'm still taking 400 mg of progesterone so I'm kinda surprised this is happening. I feel tired but not sleepy?
Thank you for the well wishes everyone!    Stevi- Are you still testing? You''ve gotta be around 13dpo by now ....any news?
Been trying for 2 years. The last 6 months were with a RE for infertility treatments. We finally conceived on our second iui. It was a big surprise I thought I was out of the running this month. I finally got my bfp at 15dpo. I've got good feelings about this little bean. All my other pregnancies I somehow knew I was going to lose. This one feels right!
  Hey everyone!   After 2 years ttc, 1 MC, multiple chemical pregnancies and 2 IUI's I am excited to say that I am pregnant! I'm due January 15th or so. This will be our first child at almost 37 for me and dh is 42.  Hoping this one is super sticky! I don't have my usual feelings of doom and anxiety so I'm going with the chance that this one is for real. I'm 4 weeks and will have my first ultrasound Tuesday for measurements and to see how many sacs are in there.    We...
Congrats ValerieR!   May you have a peaceful and easy 9 months and birth!       Guess what? After 2 years ttc, 1 MC, multiple chemical pregnancies and 2 iui's -You can move me to the May graduates too! At 15dpo I received my surprise bfp. I totally thought I was out of the running this month. This was the last iui before trying IVF in a few months!  My beta blood test was 125 on Monday.  I go for my first ultrasound to get measurements on Tuesday!
Thank you Pitch and Lilac- My RE is not doing a repeat beta at this time. He's a weird dude and doesn't always go by the book.   Evidently he puts more emphasis on weekly ultrasound measurements. So I go in Tues for a ultrasound barring any bleeding or something happens.  I've taken more pregnancy tests to keep my anxiety at bay, lol.    Librarygirl- Awww honey  big big hugs. I'm so sorry AF came for you. Take it easy on your self- this ttc journey is soooo difficult...
MrsJJ- Yes, my temps are that way too. At first I thought it might indicate a thyroid issue but everything checked out fine. My Dr. said that's normal for some people.  In the winter my pre O temps are around 96.0!    Viddy-  Fingers double crossed for you! I hope this is the cycle. I agree testing might be a good idea. That way you'll know for sure .
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