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prescott- wow that's a lot of food!  I wish we could have made it up there. It would have been almost 3 hours drive from us though. Just no enough time in the day this weekend! Sounds like you had a blast! Have fun with all your girls what a great thing to experience. And the perfect way to pass a tww! Baby dust to you!    chuord and scjp- FX'd for both of you!   mamcats-   Me- cd8 and waiting til friday. That's when I have my ultrasound and trigger shot...
Sila- My lining is doing excellent so far. It was above average I think he said a 9. Most of the follicles are maturing and ovulating. Last cycle 4 of the 6 I had made it. I'm so frustrated that we haven't been able to conceive again because dh has a excellent sperm count. I just have a sinking feeling that my eggs aren't good quality. I guess we'll find out if/when we move on to ivf. I'm still feeling pretty positive but that nagging feeling just wants to hang around 
goatmama- that's awesome news! I bet your relieved to be moving forward. Wishing you a bfp the first time around!    SilaMarila- I'm going to mention to the Dr about trying injectables.  I'm having such a hard time with Clomid. My body is responding well- I get 4-6 follicles each cycle- so I don't know how willing he would be. We'll see. Do you give the shots on the same cycle days like clomid?   Ellasmommy10- Thank you for sharing your iui story! Hoping you get...
prescott-where is the GF Expo? Could you pm me with the info?  
Lilykay- Congrats on your bfp!!!  How was your brother's wedding? What did you do while you were here?
earthwalker- so happy for you! Congrats again    mamacats- Dates around losses are sooooo very difficult. Maybe finding a way to honor your lost angel will help?   chuord- hope your visit with the in-laws went well!   AFM- AF arrived this morning. Glad she's here so we can move forward. We've decided to do 2 more iui's then take a break. We will be considering ivf at that point and will have to save up some more $$.  Chuord did you mean medications for the...
lilac- Do you want twins? Can't wait to find out   faithrainbow-  Welcome! Glad to hear you are finally in the same country! Wishing you a speedy bfp after all your waiting!   librarygirl- Sorry AF found you. That just stinks...     Me- AF arrived this morning. I'm glad she's here and I'm ready for the next cycle to begin!
CONGRATS Lilac!!!  May your betas rise and rise!!     Thank you RosieL. Yes it was my first iui.
Lilac- lol . Sounds promising to me!  Thanks for the encouragement. For those following along and don't know - my iui didn't work and I am currently waiting for AF.  I'll ask what size the follicles were I don't believe he told me. He said I had 4 "large" in the right and 2 "small" in the left. We've pretty much decided to only do 2 more iui's then take a break. Most likely will get ready for ivf after that point.
Fingers crossed for you Librarygirl and Lilac! Here's a extra dose of baby dust to both of you 
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