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Atlas is a cutie! He's got some long fingers there 
  OMG   Thanks for the warning. I'll be sure to replicate the sprint     Thanks for the link. Def will try that fold. I bought snappies too. Hoping that the tighter the better. Although if this babe takes after dh for bm's we are all in for it!!  
I've been sleepier too. Def been trying to squeeze in the afternoon nap when I can.    Someone mentioned their due date poll. My fam is doing that too. Winner gets a $25 gift card. It was set up by my MIL. Dh's fam loves games lol.  We have dates ranging from tomorrow til the 20th (mine).  I'm 38 + 3 today. Nothing happening outside of the normal BH.    For those of you using prefolds - what has been your favorite fold for a NB? Do you do anything special to hold in...
Congratulations to mcimom and kellyshea on their beautiful bundles! Welcome to the world Paulina and Brightly!   
  LOL Poly!!  This gave me quite a laugh!  I have to say that I also have major preggo brain. I don't even trust myself to drive. Especially with the holiday madness. Dh agrees with me too totally spacey and can't remember Sh!t   vtamanda- I kept it simple with the diapers. I bought all GMD prefolds. 3 doz each of NB and Smalls. Then I bought 8 workhorse fitteds in small for nights. My covers are a mix of new and used and all different types and brands. I just love doing...
cwill- Ooooh I'd go! That sounds wonderful!  Hope the pineapple works.      As for me- We are basically ready. I received the last of my diapers in the mail yesterday and will start prepping today. House projects and larger things are done. Still have to do some small item shopping and install the car seat, pack my "to go" bag. Stuff like that.  Been using epo to soften the cervix. And per my midwife I will also add black cohosh this week to further ripen but not induce...
Awesome pic! Extremely moving 
OMG! Atlas Welcome! Your such a handsome little fella.  Huge congrats Tspencer! 
Thinking of you mcimom! 
lilac- lol on dh wanting 8 hrs of sleep. I've often thought that if our dh's really knew what they were in for we would never have kids! At least I think mine is in that boat, lol.  Wishing you and babies calmer and more peaceful days and nights as you settle in as a knew family.  Big Hugs    I'm almost 38 weeks - can't believe it! I had been feeling good the last few days then came down with a cold yesterday. Sore throat and alternating stuffy drippy nose. If it stays...
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