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CONGRATULATIONS Lilac!  Your boys are adorable    I am so very happy that you are all home safe and sound. 
poly- try checking for a local  hypnotherapist. They can get you on a path of less anxiety quickly. They will make specialized cd's just for your situation 
Thinking of you lilac and hoping you are holding you precious babies by now 
iowa-  Definite nesting spurt  You got a lot done!   tspencer- I'm with you. 37 weeks today and I would love to have this one the first week of Jan instead of the second. I'm sleeping like crap but am still so excited, lol. Tired of aching and just want to meet our baby!
Mrs Calvi- That's a cute idea. Did you use that for a xmas card?   tspencer- Adorable!! How cool that you have a fam member due around the same time.   orchide- How beautiful! The second one looks like you have angels surrounding you!
faith and poly - Oh man a massage sounds soooooo good right now. Dh does ok but a prenatal massage on my pelvis would work wonders. Sounds like your shower was very nice faith! I am anticipating a massive haul from my MIL anytime soon. She always goes crazy at christmas and I know this will be doubled. I don't know where I'm gonna put any of it either!!   Lilac-  Go uterus go!  Thinking of you lots Momma!
Cutie belly bumps ladies! 
Lilac- I completely agree!  I have the same problem with hospitals and Dr.'s  My blood pressure goes up and I get so tense. It would be tense enough to totally stop my labor as well. You can't relax and be on the defensive for yourself at the same time.  I hope that you are able to start labor naturally at home. Then you can go in when you are pretty sure your labor can't turn back   Trust that your doula will take care of you at the hospital so you can release the fear...
Keep goin' Lilac! - This is the closest to a cheerleader smiley I can find, lol.   You've done such a amazing job keeping those babies healthy for 39 weeks.  They don't want to leave your comfy womb. If they do end up inducing, you could always request that once labor is established that they back off the pitocin. Perhaps then your body will take over and you won't need anymore pitocin to keep it going. That way you won't have to bear those crazy intense contractions it...
poly- What's so nutty about that arrangement? Poop goes near the  bathroom, bed goes in bedroom. Do what is best for you and dh. Its more important that it works for the 2 of you instead of pleasing someone elses idea of normal.   lilac- What have you tried to do to get labor going? Being in Michigan right now I guess walking is out! Have you tried acupuncture?? What about evening primrose oil inserted vaginally? I hope those babies debut for you soon!
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