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Hi, everyone. I have a small home daycare. I have three small children and I take care of 3 kids who are 2-4 yrs old. I run an eco-friendly daycare and provide healthy meals made from scratch.   I just applied to get recognized as eco-healthy. You guys might look into that. It's sponsored by the Oregon Environmental Councilhttp://www.oeconline.org/our-work/kidshealth/ehcc but it applies to everyone nationwide. It also gives you great tips on being eco-healthy. 
Same here! We wash all sheets on Sundays and comforters only when they get peed on .
I wear makeup every day but I just buy conventional products I can easily get at Walmart, Target, etc. What kind of makeup can I choose that's more "responsible" or eco-friendly? I don't mind paying a bit more. It doesn't have to be ultra crunchy, since it's probably not crunchy to wear makeup anyway.
Well, that's normal for my house. But we're pretty handy so there's always something we're trying to improve. DH finally finished redoing the whole main bathroom. Now we've got to finish up the entry area and other parts. We're to the point that we just need to finish what we started instead of coming up with so many big ideas.
Well mine are pretty simple. When our dinning room from the backdoor got too ratty I moved it to my laundry area in the garage (concrete floors). A little, clear pastic bag with zipper that had a 3-pk of undies for my DD from Gap became my purse makeup bag. I removed the adhesive from the stickers that were on it with Goo Gone.
Oh you can totally do it. My two kids share one bedroom and now we're expecting another one. I got to thinking that if they had to all 3 share a room it could be done, as long as DS would be willing to sleep in the top bunk. Here are photos of their room http://azaleastudio.blogspot.com/200...kids-room.html
Oh I wanted to watch that and I missed it. But I can tell you I would not be jealous. I was born in Mexico and I saw on a daily basis people who do not have the basic essentials. It was very depressing.
I don't mind them in other people's houses or offices. But they're too cheesy for my own home.
We aren't planning on moving anytime soon and I'm looking around the house to see what we can get rid of IF we ever have the chance to move Decluttering is so therapauutic, isnt' it? If you do move I bet you can find another house that you can turn into your own favorite place. This time without clutter!
only during tornado season: bottled water, disposable diapers, travel first aid kit (that I take everywhere during summer when i'm out with the kids), iPod, snacks, etc. I keep it all in a backpack.
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