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I abstain completely while pregnant. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I have done the same with all of them
Thank you to your replies regarding my one hour test. Praise God I passed my 3 hour test. However, I want to thank you all for all the wonderful information you have posted on here. I have spent the last week reading and rereading this thread. I have learned a lot about gestational diabetes. I am taking the one hour as a wake up to make sure I am chosing healthier options and getting more exercise into my day. I pray that you each have healthy pregnancies and babies!...
So this is my 3rd pregnancy and I failed my one-hour test. This is the first pregnancy that I have failed. My number is 148. I don't know what that means, except the cutoff is 140. I don't know if 148 is considered super high or not, but now I'm a nervous wreck. I am trying to act as if I have GD and watch my carbs and eliminated my sugar intake and increase physical activity. How bad is 148? I'm freaking out! help!
ANyone use it while breastfeeding? Is it okay to use? Thanks
My sister wants to know...how long can previously frozen breast milk sit at room temperature and still be okay to give my nephew? Also, once she heats up a bottle of breast milk and say he only drinks 2 ounces out of the 4, can she give him the remainder of that same bottle later in the day? Can you reheat it? Does she refrigerate in between? She is 3 weeks PP and only has 3 more weeks of maternity and she is trying to plan approrpiately and doesn't want any...
I woke up this morning with chills, muscle aches, and nausea... and a very very sore right breast. I didn't sleep well last night and I ended up throwing up this morning. I've managed to keep some food down and the nausea has gone away... but the breast pain is still there. I've massaged, hot showered, cold compresses, and made her nurse.. but it's hard to make a 14 month old nurse more often when she only nurses at naptime during hte day (she's an all-night nurser...
my 10 month old has been doing tghis too.. i've been cutting her nails just about every other day to help out!
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