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you guys rock! thanks! i'm sending her your responses!
bump!! HELP!!!
My sister recently found out she is pregnant! Yeah! Anyway, she is looking for the best breastpump she can get. She is a doctor so she wants something that will pump quickly and effectively. She wants to be able to use breastmilk for at least a year. Thanks in advance for your help!
thanks all for your help. I know i need to rest, but every time i lay down i just cough and cough. I have that hylands cough with honey for children... is that the same stuff you are talking about? It says to consult doc before if preg or nursing... but i know that it says that on just about everything, so if you all have heard it's good, at midnight, i'm desperate to try something. i don't want this to break out into something even worse!
I've been coughing for about 5 days. It's one of those constant hacking where your stomach and chest muscles hurt from coughing and your throat ends up on fire because of coughing . I'm pretty sure it's just a virus. Doctor can't see me until next Tuesday anyway. BUT... what over the counter meds can you take for coughing while breastfeeding? Any homeopathic stuff that's suggested? My dd is 6 months and exclusively nurses. TIA for your help!
need help quick! My sister-in-law just had my nephew last night. Like most babies he is just sleepy and won't nurse. they've tried stripping him down, but it's still not helping. any thoughts? It's 1:30pm now and he last nursed at 7:30am.... doesn't that seem too long to go? She said he did nurse forl ike an hour when he did nurse. Any thoughts? I don't want to him to lose weight, end up jaundice, and hten the doctors try to shove formula down his throat.. help!!!
I also hope they are not CIO, but I do know that my DD had a horrible "witching" hours where there was very little I could do soothe her. She would scream every night... a tad of colic I'm guessing. I just held her, bounced her, etc....
sucks. hummus?
Quote: Originally Posted by Porcelain Interior This thread was so horrifying I processed it wrong the first time. My brain read "My MIL fell asleep fully clothed on the TOP of my bed with me and my DD." Then I read it again, your MIL ASKED to sleep INSIDE of your bed almost NAKED?! That's just freakin weird. Like seriously weird. Can you smell her breath? Is she passing gas? I just couldn't do this. EVER!!!!! I am the most non...
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