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How about getting a small handheld paintbrush and a small plastic bowl or pail with a little bit of water it in....and let your bored one....paint away on an empty wall. It is just water....no harm!
I want to know if any side affects occur in teens or adult who receive their first vaccinations...as well as if they need as many as babies seem to 'need' and are bombarded with soon after birth. I also read one can get titers to see see if they have been exposed to certain diseases and already have antibodies against them.
I am wondering if grown children get vaccine related injuries? I can understand not wanting to bombard a baby or small child with unnecessary toxins....but if a grown child is considering the military or extreme travel, what would be the proper way to introduce any vaccines and which ones should or should not be administered. Do side effects still come into play? What about immunity?
Instead of the 'drink'.....for both of my pregnancies....my midwife told me to eat 2 pieces of french toast with syrup,drink a glass of OJ,and i think,eat a banana.....then I went in to her office like 2 or 3 hours later for the test. Yum!
My deepest sympathies to you and your husband. It is so hard to understand why these things happen....and it is horrible to have to go through more pregnancies with fear and worry. Hopefully, with modern technology,positive thinking and lots of prayer you will find some answers. I've lost 2 myself and wish this upon no one. May God bless you....I hope and pray your wishes come true real soon. Also, please do not feel that you are not a mom. You are, and were the best mom...
Hi all, Well, here i am at 12 weeks today....I went for a Nuchal Translucency test today,to maybe help ease my mind about the baby being healthy, and as fate would seem to have it, there was no fetal heart. I had an ultrasound weeks ago and saw the little flicker and just knew as soon as I saw the little baby on the screen and didnt see that flicker,that it had died. As of last week my nausea and exteme fatigue seemed to ease off....so I hoped that it was just because I...
#1- he was 2 1/2 weeks late- 8lb.15oz. #2- she was only 4 days late- 6 lb.12oz. She is slim and petite at 7 years old, and son,who is 10 is a big guy....5ft.4 and like 120 lbs.!!!!!
My daughter wants a pet hamster. After some research,I have found that a pregnant woman should avoid handling a hamster,have someone else clean the cage,avoid prolonged exposure to the pet and cage....yikes! After reading that I don't think I want my daughter to be exposed to it either! Does anyone have a hamster....do you stay away from it? What is it that can harm the baby? I am all freaked out..... I do have 1 cat and did clean it's cat box 1 time with gloves, of...
Brooke Shields was just on the TODAY SHOW promoting her new book for children that are about to get a new brother or sister....I forgot the name of the book but I am sure if you do a computer search it will show up.
I had a + hpt on 5/22. i must have just gotten pregnant...i am 40 and thought i was totally done....we have a 10 and 7 y.o. Anyway, I was freaking out about the thought of being pregnant....at my age,no maternity health care coverage,hub out of work.....blah,blah,blah.Anyway,i avoided alot of my neighbors...especially on the weekends...just in case, someone offered me a beer!Well, my good freind,neighbor,emailed me that she had a dream that i was 2 months prego,and not...
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