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What's the best baby product in your house? I loved cloth diapers and slings. As far as your typical baby store type product, I had a thermometer that was in a pacifier. I'm not anti-pacifier, and I found it so helpful when keeping track of a baby's temperature when ill. I also loved hooded towels but maybe just because of how cute they are. What have you liked best? Is there anything you can't do without?
I'm wondering how moms feel about babies - like infants - and TV. I watched TV with my baby in arms with the first one but didn't put TV on for her at that age. The second one had an older sibling so there were probably shows on that might have captured a baby's interest more. I was not picky about it. But I had someone over for a while the other day and my kids were watching a movie and the mom asked me to turn it off because she didn't want her baby to watch any at all...
My sister-in-law is upset because my 10-year-old nephew was watching inappropriate videos at a friend's house. She said it was amateur pornography kind of stuff. She was asking if my 12-year-old daughter had done this (I don't think so) and what I did or would do. My feeling is that I'd recognize it as normal curiosity and assume he has questions about sex and sexuality so I'd look for healthy ways to give that information, such as the book It's Perfectly Normal. Also...
This is really typical and annoying. Some parents wear a necklace with large beads the baby can fiddle with. You can also try holding her hand so it's being held rather than pinching. Good luck!
This sounds like it's beyond typical pubescent or adolescent issues, and it's been going on a while. I'd get her to a counselor. Sometimes they won't talk to their parents but they'll talk to a third party, and she sounds like she needs help dealing with something.
I remember singing Three Little BIrds sometimes . . . "Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing, is gonna be all right." I never sang "rockabye baby on the treetop . . . " What songs do/did you sing?
I think in some cases, like babies with colic or strong sucking needs and moms with oversupply, they can be great. But they can cause supply issues and speech issues if used too long, so it's worth being careful with them.
I have one who just turned 12, and one who just turned 5. The 12-year-old sometimes stays home alone for short periods of time, but not with the 5-year-old. This started when she was 11. What age is OK with you?
I never have, but I do have two friends who would breastfeed each other's babies. What about you? Has this ever come up? WOULD you ever do it or let someone else breastfeed you baby?
I think there's a much greater threat to babies that moms will decide not to breastfeed or to only breastfeed for a short amount of time because breastfeeding is seen as too much trouble or something you have to significantly alter your life for, than this speculated risk without evidence that there is any link, when a more likely cause for the correlation exists. There is so little alcohol in breastmilk that it is very unlikely it has any effect on babies at all. Unless...
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