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I'd want to know the 17-year-old pretty well before I'd be comfortable with that.
When her dad dropped her off, did she have any money? How much did they cost? Within a range she could theoretically afford? Is it possible she bought them? You've said she denies stealing them, but what is the reason she gives for having them? I guess my first step would be to make sure she actually did steal them. Then, if that gets confirmed, I'd try to find out what is going on in her life to make her do risky behavior like that. Teens sometimes do things intending...
How were difficult births handled way back when? I know there are too many c-sections these days, but I also know some are very necessary. My grandma had a large baby breech and survived. I suppose some difficult births resolved themselves fine. But I do find myself wondering what options were available before modern medicine. Of course the mortality rate was higher. I guess what I'm wondering is if there is lost knowledge. Like if there were things that midwives did...
Both of my kids have birthdays coming up. I'm trying to plan a party for the younger one that will be pretty healthy. She's been putting on weight and I'd never say anything to her but I'd like to gently move her onto a healthier path. I wish we could do something active but February isn't the best time for an outdoor party, and the weather doesn't even always cooperate for sledding! I figure I can make a fairly healthy cake. What should I put in goody bags? She wants to...
I have a nearly 12-year-old who desperately wants to be active online. She has an email address but that's pretty much it so far. She wants Instagram and Facebook and all that. Many of her friends are online, including one who moved away a little while ago, and I sympathize with her wanting to stay in touch with them. I hoped the email would satisfy her but she wants to do the whole social media thing. What do your kids do online and at what age do you allow what?
Healthy eating is a complicated issue for me. It's hard to balance what I hear from different people. Some people say soy is horrible and will cause health problems for my daughters, and others think it's perfectly fine or at least not harmful, and some think it's super healthy. I'm trying to figure out what to think after hearing conflicting opinions. Does anyone here have thoughts?
If you have a daughter, will you encourage her to be a stay at home parent? What about a son? Do you have particular feelings about a son of yours being a stay-at-home parent? I have two daughters and honestly I think I'd be great with whatever they chose - career, staying at home, some of one and then some of the other, whatever.
Both gifts for YOU that you don't like, and gifts people got your kids that you don't like? And does it make a difference if you don't like the gift but your kids do? I guess I'm thinking in part about just whether you re-gift or try to exchange or sell at a garage sale or what, but also, what if your parents give your child a toy you can't stand to have in your house? Do you get rid of it? In a sneaky way or are you up front about it? And what if your child really loves...
My 4-year-old won't be staying up but I'll let the 11-year-old stay up. I think she was 9 when she started staying up. What are you feelings on staying up for the New Years holiday? At what age is it OK?
Look at this I just found: http://www.takepart.com/article/2013/12/22/eco-wrapping-paper-just-got-lot-more-delicious-one-grows-vegetables What a great idea.
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