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I have a friend who posted some complaints about her baby not wanting to sleep and asking for advice. You can imagine the advice she got - sleep training, CIO, etc. My first baby was colicy but I never had any good ways of helping her sleep better, and colic isn't the issue here. Has anyone had any good methods that have worked?
What is the average cost of a gift you buy? Not a gift for your child, because I think parents often spend more on their kids than others. But brother, sister, mother, etc. How much is a normal amount for a Christmas gift? The idea is how much for either the gift or materials to make one if you're more awesome than I am and have that kind of talent. (I am not one to speak badly of homemade gifts regardless of cost - they're usually my favorite!)
I love the idea of the crockpot, but I can't seem to get a good meal out of it. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but the cold weather has me wanting to try it again. What tips can you give me for getting food to taste good in the slow cooker? Do you have any favorite meals to make in one?
I quit work about 12 years ago and haven't earned any money since. I am 100% financially dependent upon my husband. Our marriage is very solid (thankfully) but it does give me pause sometimes. How do you handle that knowledge? Does it give you feelings of insecurity? Is there anything you have done to protect yourself financially? (I have no idea what that would be.)
My family has a gift bag shuffle thing going on. We don't care what the bag was originally given for - we reuse it for anything. So I might get a baby shower bag, a wedding bag, a birthday bag, anything used for a Christmas present. It's our own little tradition. But I like the idea of using usable gifty items as presents too. Like a dishtowel, or a tablecloth, etc. What do you use as gift wrap?
A cousin was complaining about her 2-year-old getting up over and over again after bedtime, and my mom chimed in with the suggestion that my cousin lock the kid's room at night after he's been put to bed. She did that with my siblings and myself and it was great, she said. I was stunned! I guess it couldn't have hurt me too badly or I would have remembered her doing this. What do you think? If I don't remember it doesn't seem like it could have been such a trauma, but on...
I've had two kinds of hormonal rushes when nursing. When they are young, I get ridiculously tired, like I'm going to fall asleep. As they get older, it becomes the negative issue as linked above, but not until they're toddlers. I nursed mine until they were 2.5 and 2, but I stopped both times due to the negative hormonal reaction. I think a hormonal reaction of some sort is normal as you do have tons of hormones released when you breastfeed.
I remember playing, but I had a good healthy sense of boundaries and would simply say no, game or no game, if something went beyond my boundaries. I don't care how much kids said, "You have to! You were dared! You can't back out!" Kids play this without their parents knowing. I've told my daughter that I said "no" frequently to truth questions and dared, and kids tried to pressure me to do things that were outside my boundaries, and I said no and refused, and there were...
Well part of the problem is that she's spoiled. She has an iPod Touch, and iPad, and an iPod Nano. (From various people, but she has all three.) It's hard to find something she doesn't have. She does love those socks too though! She has adult sized feet now. Do they make them in adult sizes?
It says it vibrates so it can wake you up if you fall asleep nursing. !!!??? LOL Who would want that? That's the best part of nighttime nursing - that it makes you so tired that you fall right asleep!
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