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My 5 (almost 6) year old girl has discovered some of the wonderful sensations her body can produce if she crosses her legs really tight and bounces. When I figures out what she was doing, I was really careful, I told her that it is great that her body can feel good, but making yourself feel that way is a private thing, not for anyone else to see. 6 months ago you couldn't really tell what she's doing, but now it's getting more obvious. I don't want her to be embarrassed,...
i know! my 34 weeker was 5lbs 6oz- i seem to cook them big- but not for long!
34 weeker Healthy and happy!        
I just wanted to pop by and let you all know we had a healthy happy baby boy! Andrew Tyler was born at 36 wks on June 4, was due July 2. We had a really quick labour- about 2hrs active - arrived at the hospital almost pushing! His big sister was there for the birth and got to cut his cord- so sweet! How are the rest of you hanging in?
Again- another person who could have written your exact post. Even with the nicu stay, and dh with issues. My daughter is 5, tho. My situation is complicated because I'm currently staying up in a city 2.5 hrs away from home because this is where I'll have the baby if we want midwives. So I can't cook my freezer meals, or clean my house, or tend the yard- even if I had the energy or lacked the hip/pelvis pain! Best thing ever- movies on my iPod for dd. Saving my life
34 weeks, 1 day. Im my last pregnancy, this was the day I deliverd my daughter! So glad this one is sticking a bit longer!
I'm not too bad, not totally separated- , but i've had the achy pelvis for a long time now- in addition to my bursitis (which makes sleeping a real fun time!) I'm 34 weeks, a pediatric RN, and i'm getting nervous about really throwing my pelvis into trouble by putting too much stress on it. I don't really have the luxury of being able to rest when i need to, or not lift ( or catch) my patients. I'm 34 weeks, i'm feeling done, but i wanted to see when others went off work...
I used FF way back when i was TTC my daughter. when i went to a basic membership, every once in a while they would offer "tempter views" for a few days. When i would get the fuller charts, i would just print them off. I found that after years of charting, I found that the things in the extras became second nature- i didn't need the fancy views to interpret my chart for me. I just took advantage of the free trials when they came back to try to tempt me back into a paying...
My daughter is 5, and finally going to be a big sister. I want to get her something special, (and so do my parents)- but i'm really at a loss as to what to get her. My first thought would be a beautiful dolly, but she's not really that into dolls, has a bunch of them, and they mostly just lay around the house half dressed!   Anyone else get big brother/sister presents for their kids? all ideas welcome, I need some new ideas to get my imagination rolling again!
I got bursitis in my hips when i was pregnant with my daughter- it flaired up a bit every now and then, but now it's back with a vengnace. It's the worst if i sleep full on my side. I put a sheepskin on my bed, a little wedge pillow under my belly and one inbetween my thighs and another inbetween my feet, to keep my legs in line. I don't like the pillow behind my back. I sleep almost in the Recovery Position, a little bit more on my belly than on my back. I still ache a...
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