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Quote: Originally Posted by starparticle maybe it's just my upped exercise, vitamins, food, and sleep actually paying off. After reading your first paragraph I was going to ask if you were getting more sleep, but it sounds like you are. I would bet it is just the good things you are doing for yourself!
Nothing here, I just feel like my normal PMSing self. The only symptom I had with DD at this point was really sore boobs/chest, but not at all this time, maybe because I am nursing?
No ice cream. I WAY: overindulged in all dairy products last time and I some what blame DD's cow dairy intolerance to it. Since I am still nursing though I think this will be easy for me since I avoid it anyway. So I really need to concentrate on other sources of calcium and protein. I also need to get back into my walking routine. DD and the dog need it anyway, I just wish it weren't so cold.
Hey all! I have been a member for while and lurk a lot, mostly because I am absorbing lots of info and because DD doesn't let me type much! Now that I am expecting again I really want to be involved in a community of natural minded mamas. My last birth was an unmedicated hospital birth. This time I am looking into free standing birth centers and home births. There is still the possibility we will stick with the hospital birth though since our insurance covers %100 of it...
I really like them. How well do they stay up? I have such a hard time with any leggings staying on my skinny mini baby.
I have not used the Fisherman wool yet, but have heard it is good. I have used a couple different kinds found at Joanne's. The first couple soakers I knitted I used Jo-Ann Sensations Licorice Yarn and Jo-Ann Bellezza Collection Tesoro yarn. They are both 100% wool. The Bellezza looses it's shape just a bit, I crocheted a soaker with this though and it worked really well because typically crochet soakers don't stretch quite enough. Both yarns lanolized well and I have not...
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