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Jenny, This was so beautiful. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I have a different email I usually check that I will send you. I've missed a ton of your emails, including this one, your mother blessing one, and your farewell party one. Miss you tons already, girl. Jake will have to come back to help his dad build our home and then you and the girls will just have to visit, right?!?! Monica
PiePie - I've followed your saga since your last job ended because of pregnancy. I know you've had some rotten job luck and wish you the best. I agree with pp who said you need to decide whether it's worth it to put your foot down and assert your boundaries or just put in the time expected until it's time to leave. (edited out because I thought about it and realized the pp was addressing only the op's situation with her horrid nonprofit public interest experience)
I'm a WOHM, but loved Carolyn's response. I love her column! I know that I never get to talk to friends or anyone else on the phone when I'm at home with my kids. I'd never get to do it if I was a SAHM! Maybe the chick's friend is avoiding communicating with her because she's a judgmental, selfish PITA, too.
How is she *after* you leave, according to her caregiver? My oldest dd (who will be 5 in July) still cries when I drop her off at her pre-K class, even though she loves her teacher and the kids in her class and doesn't want to miss even when she's sick. And she only goes from 8-Noon each day. She's always been like this with me, but before I can even get down the hallway to go outside, she's stopped and having a great time. When my husband takes her, though, she doesn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Belleweather You're my hero! No seriously, as a just-graduated law student, I agree with everything you've said. From making the rounds interviewing with public interest firms, it seems like a huge number of the people working there are women with small children. You are so sweet. And I've thought the same thing when I get holier-than-thou-ed (love that term, BTW!). I'll be crossing my fingers that you get...
I agree with the others. It sounds like you know what you need to do. The benefits the new job offers sound great. That would be hard to walk away from.
Shay - I also incurred my student loans waaaay before I even thought about the implications on having kids. And I was going to law school, I'd make plenty of money to repay my loans, right? Except that I found that working 80 hours a week is not conducive to any sort of lifestyle I'd ever want, kids or no. And that I really enjoy working in a job that makes a difference (for me - and my school has given me loan repayment assistance grants for the last several years to pay...
Quote: Originally Posted by McMandy I really wanted to stay home with my children. Strangely enough, my husband and I did not discuss this before or after having children. Our mothers were SAHM's, so I guess we both assumed I'd be a SAHM as well. We certainly were not rich when our first child was born. We just made it work. If it is something you want to do, I believe that you can make it work, somehow. You will have to sacrifice certain...
sgabetti = spaghetti bite-amin = vitamin rancouver = Vancouver
Quote: Originally Posted by eloquence A complaint isn't asking the PD to do anything, but more of a record. And you can go IN to the PD to fill out quick forms. FWIW. Not in every state
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