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I tried to pm you. You can aim me at bladestar555
My daughter is 15mos, and she nurses her baby too! The funny thing is my almost 4yo DS nurses the dolls too Oh, well, hopefully he will make sure his wife nurses
Hi Journey Just poking my head in from hiding. I am a lurker now! I remember a lot of names.... Journey (of course) Joesmom, Anothermama, Nursing Mother, Applejuice, Hilary Briss~inside joke between Joesmom and I, I thought he was a "she", and I thought "she" and Marg of Arabia were just REALLY good friends, but now I laugh at myself everytime I see either of their names :LOL There really are TOO many names to mention I am so afraid of leaving people out!! Oh,...
I agree totally.
:LOL In VT, he used wooden posts. He builds fences, so free materials are a plus!
Quote: Originally posted by Rebecca Note to self: ALways hang pocket dipes upside down... ask me how I know... Good point!!
Bearsmama, dh welded it from fence posts.
Marg- your man is out of his cage!:LOL
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