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Hello there. A little about yourself, please? Dh is 40, likes Nascar, and works for his dad welding, and numerous other things.
I sometimes wonder if some of us don't know when we are coming across as racist, or just poor communication. I think it is important to open up the lines for us to have a civil conversation about what it means to the MOC to feel comfortable here. I think people of all races get defensive about things, and the offender might not know why. Can we please talk about this in a calm, cool, collective manner. I want to keep the peace, and learn here.
Sorry, I pm'd you. I had to clean it out. Dumb blonde moment. I can say it...I said it about myself:LOL
My mil, God love her, gave Abigail (15mos) Peeps for Valentines. Dh couldn't understand why I was so upset.
WOW! You go, woman!
Ugh, my baby does the SAME thing! I put all her velcro dipes into the "get rid of" pile when I found her naked 3 times
You know, I think the racism goes for all races here. I have been offended by some things people have said. But it seems to me, that I can't voice that because I am white. I am sorry if some people don't feel welcome here. I have almost left MDC altogether because some of the people here (of many races) seem to think it is ok to call others on their racism, but can't see their own.
I agree. I understand in one sense that Mel wanted to get across how MUCH Jesus went through FOR US. On the other hand, it seems like he is adding insult to injury. He needed to consentrate on Christ's LIFE as well.
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