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Oh, yes. I find it VERY offensive. I am disgusted with it.
I used to get HORNY when I was ovulating, so dh would run away when I was all over him:LOL No, it is a feeling I have had quite awhile now. I want a bigger family, just not all the housework that goes with it. We are planning on 2 more kids, *maybe*, but not for awhile. Dh would gladly have a larger family if not for ds. He is VERY high needs.
Is there any birth control you find acceptable? We hardly ever get together, because the baby is up so late we are zonked, but when we do it, we use condoms. We are totally not worried about pregnancy. I won't use anything chemical, or physically altering. If dh wants to be snipped, that is HIS choice, although it would bother me. Should use of an IUD be grounds for murder charges? Or a "morning after" pill? Wow, that is a bit extreme, but I would never use those...
WHAT is the MATTER with me? All the crying, whining, clinging and nursing drives me nuts, but I LOVE babies...I love it just as much as it drives me nuts. I MUST be NUTS.
What is the difference in quality, size??
Ugh. It could be the effexor. I couldn't take that stuff. I am also bi-polar, and I tend to rapid-cycle. I just tell myself if I get 1 load of laundry washed, dried, and sometimes folded, then I have done well. Try not to cram too much in a day. Make sure you get fresh air and relaxation. I am currently untreated. I am doing better now than ever before, although I have my days, and lots of them. I was living in Vermont, where it was cold, dark, and dreary. We...
I am trying to get dh to join here. How many dads are there here? I know of at least 4 guys on here....
Dd (anti-cleaning radical) intercepted me, and is stuck to my boob
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