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Gosh, I would Mama..just to be safe and put your mind at ease!
Quote: Originally Posted by starlightsound DS likes the cascade farms organic oaty Os... I think that's what they are called. He's 9 months now. Also thawed peas are a great "busy" snack! so they are similar to a cheerio? I am just worried about the choking factor .....
I am looking for something for my 8 month old that I can give him on his little highchair as a snack that is an organic/all natural breakfast cereal ( like kix or cherios) but that melts easy and isnt really hard. He only has one tooth but it helps him w/ his hand eye coordination and keeps him busy for a few minutes :
no spotty leopards for the birthday party??....
I gave to my DD when she was just under a year old, she was allergic to it.I guess that is common with infant and echinacea, I gave it to her again after 18 months and she fine...
ok since a few moms seem to have an interest I will have DH stop by Whole Foods on the way home and pick up a few bags of the yummy earth organic lolli's and if you can help w/ a few $ for postage and lolli's I will get some mailed out to you asap...
Quote: Originally Posted by MadameXCupcake Is ten months to young for CP? Where in AZ? I want some. : PM'ing you bettter question is 10 months to young for a lollipop w/ cp...hehehehe!!
ok dumb question but what is: NSAID
you guys are too funny.... we are in Arizona! Should we consider bottling it for sale and shipping across the us???
Quote: Originally Posted by WuWei Baby is probably getting your immunities, assuming you had cp. Did dh have cp? Pat yes I did..oddly enough TWICE!!!
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