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I feel terrible that I get on and read here, but rarely reply - I go through the ups and downs for you ladies every month from a distance! I'm 7dpo and already wanting to test every other minute... resisting the urge, as I know it is too early... but I still want to! I think that makes me a crazy person :P
I'm now waiting to know... aka vainly attempting to resist the urge to poas every five minutes :P 7 dpo, good timing for BD, feeling positive!
This cycle is exciting for me - I told my partner, who had previously not been wanting to TTC yet, that I *need* to be TTC. I begged. I cried. I explained. I have a toddler, and I have been wanting another child for more than a year. So, after the last cycle when we got sloppy with condom use, and it looked like I might be PG, my emotions were raw when I started AF.   So far this cycle, he has BD'd with me with no protection, no pull-out, and seems happy to be doing...
I'm three months out from Mirena too, finally back on track. Happy BDing! And good luck :)
AF reared her ugly head over the weekend, so I am back to waiting to O. I'm bummed, but hopeful ... so here's to some creative BDing
I'm out- AF hit late, but finally did show up. I'm really bummed. I had allowed myself to get excited about maybe being pg, and I feel so let down. so... FX for this month to be lucky
  Sorry about AF- I'm getting on a plane to AZ today for a weekend away, so I fear I'll start about the time I throw on the first cute outfit :P But my fingers are still crossed....... 
I hope so too - I'm hoping you and I both got BFN bc it is too early!
I would say PG not likely, if sperm would have to live for that long - but I'm not a scientist, just a TTC junkie :P   As for Dec b-days, I hear you! I wasn't trying this cycle, the unprotected BDing around O just sort of happened... my DS in a New Years baby, and this one would be due around the same time, which is less than ideal in some ways. I mean gifts and such for two is expensive! However, joint birthday parties cut the cost of two parties, so that's a plus,...
Hello all :)   I'm usually just a lurker, but I too am having weird cycle stuff this go around, and thought I would share my chart and get some feedback, if you can :)   I am having a longer than normal LP, a couple of BFNs, but temp staying up, and I just sort of.... *feel* pregnant, if that makes sense.   My Ovulation Chart   I wasn't trying this month, we just got sloppy with BC around O time,...
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