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Yeah that! She delivered my DD. Didn't end up getting to labor/deliver in water like I wanted b/c I chose to be induced at 41w5d. St. Ann's is beautiful.      
With DS he was between 5-6 months when AF came back. I went back to work when he was 3 months and pumped 2x/day. We didn't co-sleep and he usually nursed once or twice a night.   With DD AF came back at exactly 3 months pp. I went back to work when she was 6 weeks, I pumped twice a day. We also co-sleep so I thought for sure I'd get a longer stretch w/o AF but nope!
Both kids started playing with food at about 5.5 months. Actually really eating was more about 7 months. No purees or anything just soft, small bits of my food.
I pump too b/c I WOH. My DD is 9 months and I used to pump 2x/day while at work but am now down to just once a day at work. I feel just like Lunarlady in that the time I spend pumping while at work allows me to just sit and think about DD. I also shared some of my EBM with another family b/c she was having supply issues. That felt great! Nice to meet you all!
Definitely get his eyes examined. Losing his place while reading is a sign of problems with his vision. Usually an eye muscle problem.  They can strengthen his eye muscles with specific exercises or prescribe glasses to decrease the work load of his eyes depending on his specific problem. Good Luck! Nikki
I'm 9 months PP. I just started running about a month ago and yesterday I passed a port-o-john while on my run and I thought I should use it but didn't. Guess I should have b/c I ended up peeing my pants on the way home. I hope to look at the article GoGoGirl suggested but it's blocked at the computer I am using right now. Good to know about PT though!
My DH used to own a shop that roasted the coffee onsite. The smell of the beans being roasted and drinking a fresh cup omg yum!   I drink my coffee black and have for a long time. I enjoy the fact that there are virtually no calories in it and it's mostly water. I try to drink tea too but I just love my coffee!    
1+ Women's Contemporary Health Care in Westerville. Becky was at my DD's birth! Wonderful!! Everyone in the practice is great. I saw both docs and both MWs.
Yep! Do it all the time. I actually let him play until he's ready to be done then we wash up.
We have a Leapster Explorer and got the camera attachment for it. DS uses on occasion and it takes decent pictures.
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