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I buy local, and that is mainly because I buy for freshness/flavour. The local fruit market has a wide array of fruits and veggies that are fresher, tastier, and more affordable than their more widely traveled organic brothers.
I chose not to have another baby because I can't stay at home. My daughter is our one and only child. I really didn't care for the baby stage, and we have a large and loving extended family, so I can live with this limitation. That said, as my daughter gets older (she's 3) and enjoys the company of other children more, I feel more comfortable about sending her to day care where she gets to play with other kids. Once she hits school age, working only makes sense to me,...
I have locked myself in the bathroom more than once to escape the three year old temper tantrum I try all the other tactics - listen, hug, ignore, distract - but if all else fails, I will sometimes dodge the meltdown and wait until sanity can again prevail. Good luck mamas
Quote: Originally Posted by tbone_kneegrabber those are often considered fire hazards are I think are not "code" in many states/cities because of the ability to be trapped in the house. Came with the house, inspector didn't point out that it wasn't up to code. Also, we have glass in the front door. If we had regular deadbolts it would be much more difficult to secure the front door. We have sliding glass door that is not a keyed lock to use...
We have the deadbolt that requires a key on both sides to open. We also have those simple twist to lock things on the doorknob. We only lock the deadbolt when we leave the house or when we know she'll take a runner. Most of the time we only use the twist lock on the door knob to make going in/out easier.
This is what my day looks like with my daughter (age 3): - I get up in the morning with her, make breakfast, read a short book or play a bit if time allows, get her dressed, take her to day care - Come home, make dinner, sit with her at dinner - Bath time, bed time Sometimes she helps me with dinner and sometimes she plays with her dad. I drop her at school at 9 am and I'm home by 6:30 or 7. Her wake-up time is between 7 and 7:30 and she is asleep around 8:30. This...
I had sex 2 weeks after c-section and it was fine, not great but not bad. I did not have good sex until I stopped breastfeeding. C-section was the least of my problems in that department.
I had a complex for a while because I was totally unwilling to work extra hours, email in evenings after dealing with exhausting bedtimes, etc due to family commitments. I was afraid that I was falling behind some of my peers. However, I realize that I am actually more productive than many of my male colleagues because (a) I triage ruthlessly and let less important tasks fall on the floor (b) I never surf the internet and waste time at work. When I am at work I am...
Another book you can bring home is "The Kissing Hand" - very sweet story about a raccoon who doesn't want to go to school. You might cry reading this one (I almost sniffled this morning and I've read it a bunch of times!). This one shows mama having a hard time leaving too. Worth reading
I have a very difficult time getting my three year old to sleep more than 11 hours a day. Sometimes she only sleeps 10. She won't nap on the weekends and only naps sometimes during the week at daycare. She is very very tired by the end of the day and her bedtime behaviour can be very difficult. I wish she would nap like yours!!!
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