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Most non-vaxers or selective vaxers I know use Dr. Sant.
Like Chrissy said, unfortunately, there is no birthing center in Columbus. In fact, I believe Family Beginnings in Dayton is the only one in the state right now. CHOICE is great for homebirths, or there are some practices that employ CNMs for hospital births (like Women's Contemporary Healthcare).
If she doesn't have luck in Dayton, Dr. Mark Landon at Ohio State will support VBAmC.  
The contact person for ICAN of Dayton is still Denise Easthon, to my knowledge: heart2heartbirthmatters@yahoo.com (937) 269-1312   I belong to ICAN of Central Ohio, and we have some Dayton moms who participate in our Yahoo group from time to time: http://centralohio.ican-online.org/Home.html   I talked to the mother with the bad CBAC about 2 weeks ago, but I hope she is feeling better (is she?). She really received poor care at Miami Valley Hospital,...
A number of women I have met through ICAN have used Dr. Guy's practice for their births. Most reviews have been excellent, and they are considered one of the most NCB-friendly practices in the area. However, one mother recently attempted a VBAC with one of the midwives (can't recall the name), who suddenly vanished on her in labor, and she was essentially forced into a cesarean section under GA done by Dr. Woods (covering on call duty), who never even came to see her...
Mine was covered by insurance, and I'm sure they were happy to cover it because it is so cheap!
When I was preparing for my VBAC, I accepted that there was about a 1 in 3500 chance that my baby would die in UR (1 in 200 VBAC attempts ending in UR, and 6% of those being fatal to the baby) because that is even less of a risk than other things that I never worried about with any delivery, like placenta abruptio. I birthed with a provider who I felt could manage an emergency like that, and from talking to a few women who had ruptured, I felt I would know if something...
Terrific idea! Thanks for doing this. LLL should be sure to inform mothers of anything that can affect their breastfeeding relationship, and circumcision is a big one in those early days.
I think the "real" rate is probably more like 50/50 and that 33% is just in-hospital and covered by insurance, but at least we can say that it is dropping!
I had an unmedicated VBAC with continuous external fetal monitoring. The monitor is a little annoying because it tends to lose the baby's heart rate when you get in certain positions (like all fours), but the nurse came and fixed it every time and told me not to worry about it and just "do my thing." I stayed out of bed pretty much the entire time, since the cord was maybe 12 feet long. I sat on a birthing ball or stool near the bed most of the time, or I stood alongside...
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