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you can bring me down to one babe... we lost one somewhere about 6w5d... im feeling awfully broken right now... at least we still have one miracle, as my bf said
after a very long while away from mothering i decided to pop my head in... i used to post here a lot for support with ttc/infertility and surprise, 5yrs later... we're expecting... twins no less   Name- Crys EDD- 2/23/13 Other Children- C (8) Team- hoping for b/g but grateful for whatever <3
*shrug* I play horde on blood furnace... never queue to get on the server here... but Im pretty sure Im the only mdc mama (or even papa) thats on BF sad truth
yeah.. you dont know how many times Ive said to (semi) dh.. "wait! 2 mins.. boss fight!" lol... stinkin wow :P
so uh.. who watched the trailer for cataclysm and who thinks this is the beginning on the end of wow *raises hand*
patch day = and on runetotem.. I plan to come back... but getting geared is so damn addicting
I already have a couple toons on runetotem.. but I'm so darn close to 80 on blood furnace that I dont really pay attention to any other realms right now... I'll contact the alliance guild when I get the chance.. but theyre still really low I was wondering ... how many people on the retaliation battlegroup are going to look into realm transfers... if you guys dont already know... something is going on with retaliation... a lot of downtime (like hours at a time.. and the...
with all the issues that I have seen tied to battlenet accounts... I wont be getting it either ... boo..
I didnt word that quite right.. but I'm glad you guys knew what I meant (severe exhaustion over here)... I kinda agree with the limit... but that wont happen... I think thats part of the reason there is a cap on honor and yes.. being camped is a pain :|
*ahem* its not always the horde coming after alliance
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