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There are three coops in Pinellas County - the one that might be easiest to access from Tampa is the Saint Petersburg Homeschool coop. There is also a holistic homeschoolers yahoo group that you can do a web search for. We moved to Saint Pete a few months ago and love the homeschooling opportunities the area offers!
We're moving to somewhere on Pinellas between St. Pete and Palm Harbor and are thrilled at the amount of homeschooling/unschooling groups that exist there! Such a great place it seems!
Hey mamas, I'm actually way south in Miami. I'm a Connecticut native (so glad I'm not there this winter although a couple of days of snow would be fun :)). DH is from France and our daughter turned four the day after Christmas was born in Argentina during a year abroad. We've lived in a bunch of places and right DH is working in Nashville until something opens up back in South Florida or even north Florida. He's an aviation contractor, by need, not by choice.   We...
Hey mamas, as I've been posting we're planning a move to Nashville, however DH is starting his new job this coming Wednesday and we're looking for a room for him to rent. Maybe someone knows of something? He'll be working at the International airport so prefer something within 10 - 20 minutes of there.    Looking for something that is preferably furnished (bed and dresser are fine) Internet quiet and safe neighborhood if there are pets in the house that's...
I don't really have any suggestions for you but I do remember those days although in our case it was if dd nursed a lot and the cloth diaper got soaked and cold as well :( I feel your pain though and just thought I'd send some (((hugs)))  
I was born in Hartford and lived mostly there and Granby and in the NW hills in Winsted as well as a couple of other areas.    Good to know there are good ethnic restaurants - I'm a big fan of Jamaican food so I'll have to see what's available there and of course Argentine but I see no restaurant there except for someone that does choripan from a cart (the Argentine/Italian version of a sausage on roll :)).   
Hey mama, I'm just curious what  you define ethnic restaurants as? I know for us here in Miami that encompasses everything from Cuban to Argentina to Jamaican to authentic Chinese to Vietnamese to Indian to Thai etc... I would love to know because that is very important for us and are the areas that those restaurants in safe to go and eat at? I grew up in Connecticut in a very urban mostly African American/Caribbean area and most places I was safe to go in or at least I...
LOL you'll get it mama! I used to just pull on the ends of the inserts to get them out of the pocket diapers and they came right out - pee was livable but poop that got inside was...well not fun ;)   I'm sure your dipes are fine if they didn't shrink.    Hang in there - I distinctly remember the package of Under the Nile prefolds that I bought from Ebay (back when you could) that sat in my room for a couple of weeks before I finally gave into DH's constant questions about...
nice breakdown of information :) Do you think all of this still holds true as we enter 2011?    Laura (considering a job offer in Nashville)  
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