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 We may be moving to Nashville as well but will be unschooling so for the most part it's a moot point for us, but we do not follow any organized religion and we would have no problem claiming a religious exemption :)
thanks for the useful link :) We're also considering a move to Nashville for a job offer. We currently live in Miami.   
We might be moving to Nashville as well if DH accepts a job offer he got. I'm not a midwife though :) Would love to connect with other mamas in Nashville to hear more about areas and we're planning to homeschool so if anyone else is homeschooling please drop me a pm :)  
subbing :) I'm thinking about taking care of a child once we get resettled in a new place sometime in the next 6 months. I am curious if anyone has pets in their homes and if so how they manage that? We have two dogs, two cats, and a guinea pig and hope to have a bigger place where they can be separated. Also, does anyone rent and if so how do you deal with your landlord or would you just not mention it if it's only one child   Thanks!
subbing even though there is a new thread so I can find this one :)
not in Mass but looking around a bit at the area because of a job we're considering. I did my last two years of HS in Granby just over the Mass line into CT and was not planning to ever return to the area LOL. Anyway, we're more eclectic / no curriculum in our approach, but I dont see much in the area either for homeschooling or  unschooling..and the lack of replies makes me wonder if there aren't a lot of hs in the area?
We may be moving to Lake Charles area in a couple of months to join dh and I'm trying to connect with some other families there - anyone out there?    We are homeschooler/unschoolers, healthy food & raw milk lovers, multilingual international family (dh is French/I'm American/dd was born in Argentina during a year abroad), and love to meet new friends.    Happy Thanksgiving!
welcome back :) I posted a reply to your Lafayette post as well!
Well we're not in Lafayette although dh just headed to Lake Charles last week to work and if things go okay then we'll be heading out that way in the next couple of months. We have an almost four year old daughter and we are an American/French family (with a little Spanish thrown in since we had dd in Argentina). We'll probably be going to Lafayette a lot if we move to Lake Charles :)
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