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thanks for the replies. The job  has come through and dh is heading to Lake Charles this weekend. If we end up looking at relocation I'm not totally sure if I can do the small town thing so we really will be considering Houston as a possibility but it's going to depend upon so many things. 
we don't bother to vacc out indoor cats anymore. They used to get them infrequently because I was a broke grad student but the last times they got them were going to Argentina and a year later returning to the States. That was four years ago and since then we've become ever more holistic in our furry family member choices as well. Try googling vaccinosis and you'll find a lot of info on the subject. The more I've learned about felines and vaccinations, the more I feel my...
wow! what a great thread!!! It's been awhile since I've seen a "tribe" so actively respond to someone who is relocating to an area (I know because we've had to look at several different areas this year). Such great resources everyone has posted and it seems there is a super active community of families which is great to see :)   So I have a couple of questions to piggyback on OP: 1) How is the unschooling community there? It looks like some of the groups online...
thanks mama!
Hi everyone, my husband is heading to Lake Charles next weekend (14th) for work. We've been looking everywhere for a room to rent or roommate situation and are having terrible luck - he's wondering if the car will be his house for awhile Does anyone know of anyone renting out a room or looking for a roommate within driving distance to Chennault??? Thanks so much for any help! Laura
It's looking like DH will be heading to Indianapolis barring a different job offer coming through. So I was wondering if anyone has a room for rent or knows or someone looking for someone. He'll be working at the airport so the closer to there the better. Please pm me if you know of anything. Oh and date would be around November 13. Thanks! Laura
Wendy, I'm glad you found a group! I'm in North Miami and think I may have seen your posts in the local groups.
subbing to a fabulous thread! dh is considering a couple of jobs in Indy and I'm doing a bit of research about the area. We plan to unschool and are a French/American family (we speak English at home but DH speaks French to dd and I speak some Spanish with her since my pregnancy was in Argentina.) nice to meet everyone.
could i please have the links for the groups you mentioned? my husband is considering a job in Indy and a job in OK city. We have a four year old daughter and would love to know what Sudbury and unschooling options are available in Indy. We're currently in Miami but have lived all over the place (I'm a native New Englander and hubby is French, and daughter was born in Argentina during our year abroad ).
Wow, I'm also shocked about some of the replies to the OP - it amazes me how without being in the situation so many assumptions can be made. This is supposed to be a safe place to post for support. anyway, to the OP - I'm sorry you are having such a tough time with your mom. I have no idea how my own mom would have been with me since she passed away long ago. But I do want to say (((big hugs mama))) I hope you manage to make some strides to better communication with...
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