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Caitlyn will be 4 months and 3 weeks this coming Monday. She's a world traveler already since I had her during our year abroad in Argentina. She's traveled to Uruguay and then a long trip to the U.S. and then car drives from NC to Miami and back. She's been babbling a lot although she goes in spurts and for several days is quiet sometimes. Yesterday she started trying to "sing" to one of Charlotte Church's songs. Trying to sit up. Very interested in the pets - the...
I've had to try something new with dd because now that she's so interested in what's going on around her she doesn't always want to take a nap (plus we were traveling so much for awhile that she got used to sleeping with the hum of the car). Anyway, although she fights it at first, for the last four days, when she starts to get overtired and I can't get her to relax, out comes my mei tai or sometimes my wrap, and she gets popped in even if she's fussing and fighting. bang...
we never even knew about cosleeping until a friend turned us onto it, she efb and coslept. I guess we learned about it a pivotal time. I was still nervous in the beginning, used a in the bed cosleeper but after two weeks it went bye bye because she wanted to be next to us. I can't imagine what it would be like for her to wake up in the morning snuggled in between mommy and daddy and the first thing she sees are the people who bring goodness and light (and food) into...
We're raising our daughter OPOL French exclusively from DH, English spoken and read and Spanish read only. I have a ton of references on my secondary blog at Moving to Argentina Pregnant Expat Also there is a yahoo group called multilingual munchkins and there were recently several topics on how to handle schools that didn't want to work with multilingual parenting.
I'm glad to read all of your posts. Our DD is only 3 and half months but already DH speaks exclusively French to her and I speak English and read in English and Spanish to her. We would eventually like to find an immersion program for little ones to start out because we're ultimately looking at Waldorf or Montessori for school. Anyway, I hope to keep reading your posts.
What you're thinking of is doing One Person One Language. Each person speaks their language and only their language. My husband is speaking French to our daughter and I speak English and read to her in Spanish as well as English. If you want some great links check out my secondary blog http://movingtoargentina.typepad.com/pregnant expat
New Posts  All Forums: