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Hey mamas, I'm in Asheville Mamas already which I love as a resource but I would love to connect with some like minded MDC mamas who have preschool aged kids here in Asheville. We're available most of the time - is anyone interested?
Quote: Originally Posted by outside everywhere hello! i think i remember seeing some of your posts on avlmamas. we live in fairview and love it out here. it's close enough to asheville to still go into town every day, but far enough out to feel like you're not in the "big" city! if you have any questions about fairview, i'd love to help you out! and i have a 3 1/2 year old little boy, so if you want to get together once you get all moved and...
thanks Mary any other unschoolers in here? or at least kids that are not in preschool at the time? I also posted in Asheville mamas for playgroups but haven't had much of a response. Does anyone know of playgroups especially for 3-4 yo age range?
Quote: Originally Posted by WuWei You all want to check about the amount of (GMO)grain the cows are being fed. It is hard to get 100% grass-fed raw milk, unfortunately. We get partially grain-fed raw milk from SC, but I always culture it. You probably have a lot better chance finding nearly all grass-fed raw goat's milk locally. I'm thinking of going that route myself. Feeding grain is really unhealthy for cows (and their milk). Pat I...
how funny because I was just coming here to post and ask about raw milk coops in Asheville area. I know there is an old post in the health threads but it's really really old and the woman who was doing a coop never responded in her forum and there haven't been any updates since last year So are there any coops??? I did read about one place near Swannanoa and of course there is the low heat pasteurized that is brought into Fairview but I want real raw
So I figured I'd finally post a hello for those of you who might not be over in Ashevillemamas or the homeschooling groups. We went from thinking about moving from Miami to Asheville just over a month ago to a full fledged move in 13 days We'll actually be just outside in Fairview - got lucky and found a place there thanks to a connection in Asheville mamas. We are a bilingual - French English speaking tricontinental (dh is French, I'm american and we had 3yo dd in...
interesting post as Asheville is one location we're considering for a year or so so I can go to massage school - others being Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Portland and Seattle. We plan to ultimately end up in the NW but the school and lower cost of living is quite a plus. So what areas of Asheville are affordable yet safe? A few neighborhoods so I could check craigslist would be great!
I second Steve's coop although you have access to way more farms than we do in Miami so you might even find a farm to buy from directly. Jus remember that in Florida it's on legal for "pet consumption".
thanks everyone for all the support!
subbing to a fabulous thread so I can come back and post as well. I will say in the meantime that this thread has helped me to choose a better toy from my return/exhange with Magic Cabin. all of a sudden all those "cool" wow gotta have em's have a different appeal (or not)
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