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hi. i am so sorry you are going through this. i did have a 4th degree tear that went into (1 inch) the rectum, but it was repaired within a few hours of the home birth. i guess that was a good call on my homebirth doctor. they sent me to the hospital and i had a UG specialist do it. i have not had any trouble with it, however , i was , many second and third opinions too, advised not to have another vaginal birth due to the trauma that i had suffered in that area. the...
Hi all- Had some spotting(brown) just right before my period would have been due on Feb 2. I had my hormone levels checked as well as my HCG. so, at 14 days past ov..my HCG was 750 Progesterone 14, Estrogen ..100 something Then 2 days later my HCG went up to 3500 so that was good.They didn't retest prog and est. The Dr. wanted to put me on an estrogen patch..estrodiol and prometrium. I was a little apprehensive from what I had read about birth defects on...
Hello All- I decided to go on Armour. It has been about 2 months and My TSH is at .5 from 13. I am feeling preety good, still have some fatigue. I take 45 mgs a day. I do not have autoimmune thyroid. This is the second month TTC and nothing yet. Maybe because of the age (38) it will take longer or maybe I am infertile ?
hello all- i was wondering if anyone had thyroid issues? i am waiting for my tsh to become normal, before i ttc. i am hypothyroida nd my levels were around 11-13, now i am on armour. anyone out there using armour? thank you!
check safefetus.com look up thyroid meds, armour, etc... fetal risk association includes cardiovascular, down syndrown,
Hi Kabes & paquette- I have finally decided to get on Armour, this is my second day on 30mgs. How long does it generally take to normalize TSH? I was reading on safefetus.com..that even though thyroid meds are category A..they can relate to downs syndrome? Please advise.
HI ..Pertussis seems to be recurring. Do you worry about this very contagious, very alarming bacteria, and why doesn't it respond to antibiotics?
hello.. You will be just fine with your c section. I remember three years ago , feeling the same way. I had two subsequent homebirths and then had to have a c section because I suffered a 4th degree laceration into the rectum. I was strongly advised to have a c section or risk fecal incontinence. So, basically, there are some very valid reasons for choosing a c section. I was very disappointed and fearful, but everything turned out just fine, I made a birth plan and...
hi kabes, when you say you are sometimes noncompliant, do you mean you stop meds sometimes.? at what levels do you go to then? at a level 6, i wonder how long it would take to get normal? thank you.
Hi Thank you for the great replies. It's funny, I am not really sick at all with a TSH of 6, a little tired sometimes maybe. What do you mean by sick, what are your symptoms? I really do not know when this started. I found out in February, after I wasn't feeling well at all. Then, I was really tired, gaining weight for no reason, slight anxiety. That' s when I was a TSH of 11-13. I was 117 pounds in February, and now I am about 108, because of my increase in energy to...
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