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Some book recommendations I have are: Montessori Play and Learn by Lesley Britton Stop, Look and Listen by Sarah Williamson Slow and Steady Get Me Ready by June Oberlander Mudpies to Magnets and More Mudpies to Magnets by E. Sherwood These books are filled with ideas for fun things to do together. Also, in my experience, reading together a lot and playing (outdoors especially) will lead to exploration and interest in the world around him. It will come naturally. HTH.
We have the Digital Blue QX5 and it's great for a young child. It's really fun for the whole family and a great addition to our science curriculum. We got ours at academicsuperstore.com
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was a huge favorite in our house. Mainly because of the simple, colorful illustrations and the rhythm of the book.
We use Yoga Kids 3: Silly to Calm and really enjoy it. I think it is suitable for age 3. http://www.gaiam.com/retail/product....5Fid=90%2D0034
Thank you all for your great suggestions. We will be going to the library this week and looking for the books you have mentioned, as well as speaking with the librarian for any additional recommendations. We don't really have a preference for fiction or non, we just require that the book be engaging for a young child. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction! Meg
Hi, I'm a regular lurker on this board. I plan to start officially homeschooling my ds this fall. He will be 4 in June. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good quality children's books that include some history lessons. We have two of the books by D.B. Johnson from his "Henry" series about Henry David Thoreau. Ds loves them and will tell random strangers that the tax collector took HDT to jail for not paying taxes and that he was doing civil...
My ds is a very picky eater but he does eat meals and snacks. He is 3.5 yrs and weights 25 lbs. - so he's not-even-on-the-charts-underweight.
We have it and my son loves it. He has us read it to him over and over and over. I recommend it. It's full of information and very thorough.
We got dh a gift certificate for a massage at a local healing arts center.
I hope we can still get together IRL! PM me your ph # if you won't be checking our "get together" thread!
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