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Do you teach Pluto as a planet?
DS is being resistant, I REALLY want this (HS) to work, we're trying it out now. Some book rec's on the subject or websites would be most helpful, I'd like to teach him to read this year. That is what he mainly finds most 'boring'. I realize some people wait until 7 (DS is 5 1/2) to start reading, but IF he were to go to school I don't want him to be behind. Any thoughts /advice? Thanks!!
Can someone recommend some books re:Math Gnomes / Literature Math, for a K / 1st level. Thanks!!
Just tell me yes or no. Thanks!
I tracked down one of the people from the top of list in a letter I recieved, they said, at best you'll clear your postage costs and maybe make $80 on top of that. The most he EVER heard from this particular letter system was $200 profit over postage.
My husbands brother and his friend are staying with us. They are bringing in clutter, into the kitchen and everything has just been very wasteful lately. It is so much harder dealing with 4 adults and 2 children instead of just 2 adults and 2 children. Our waste has increased tremendsously. Cans, plastic cups, napkins, other things of that nature. Honestly I couldn't keep up with 4 adults on the regime we usually use, which is not 100% simple reusuable, but I really try...
In terms of shrubs, small trees, etc. When it says to plant 3-4 ft apart, and I plan on a mixed composition, is that 3-4 feet from ANYTHING or just each other (same plant)? Also does 3-4 ft apart, mean the plant will be 6-8 ft diameter? Thanks!
How would you feel about your kids 5-6 y/o going to a laser tag birthday party? Just to clarifiy, they use guns to 'tag'. And pretty much, there's no way to get him (my son) to not attend this party, so how can I explain this to him? Thanks!
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