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For those who have / had a minivan would you prefer a second row bench seat or second row captain's chairs. Please tell me your opinions and experiances with either or both. I have 2 kids, they are 1 and 5.
We received one of those letters for the first time a few months ago. I was very intrigued and was actually going to try. I did some research, I looked up the people on the list and called them!!!! The man that was 5th or so on the list, which means he has been on the list the longest amount of time, said he made back the money he spent on stamps, but that was about it.
YES!! It drove me crazy. She was always carrying that dog.
We are a meat eating family, and I think it would be a great gift to receive.
Honestly, leave that stuff at home. I've been on WIC and not been on WIC, but I'll say it .... I'd think you were scamming WIC walking around with all that name brand stuff.
If someone is very pleasant and nice and caring but a slob, is this a character flaw? You would have to live with them. I am asking in reference to my own family. My husband is naturally a slob, he'll improve temporarily but only with constant nagging, I get annoyed but I've pretty much accepted this. My issue is with my older son (5 yo). Of all the things I want to instill in him, cleaning up is not high on my priorities. And his dad doesn't set an example in that...
Probably 'Jezus Mario' ... literally Jesus and Mary .. sometimes z makes a d or g sound I'll try to spell how it sounds y-eh zeus mar-yo
Why do the women (Chloe and compound) wear their hair with that pouf in the front? Is there an actual reason, or is that the fashion in their community?
What can I do with this to stretch it into as many meals as possible? Thanks!
If you were to put together a bag or box of things to keep at a grandparent's or baby sitters house or even just in the car, what would you put in there? OR if you are expecting to have children visit (variety of ages) what type of things would you have on hand?
New Posts  All Forums: