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Thank you everyone for the ideas! Right now he's having good fun with ABCya.com...I like that it's age appropriate, the games are simple and non-commercial. They have stuff like designing your own robot or decorating a Christmas tree that he thinks is pretty cool, and they have simple math games too which I've been using for homeschooling.   Thanks again!
No, I hadn't had sex or done anything strenuous at all, which is why I was worried. But, I didn't have any spotting yesterday, so I guess everything is okay...of course I will still continue to worry a bit though, I'm bad for that.
Looks lovely! Great job.
I ended up paging my midwife because I just felt so nervous. She said as long as it's just pink and not red, and I don't have any other symptoms (cramping etc) then it's nothing to worry about, probably just some burst blood vessels in the cervix.
How normal is spotting in the second trimester? I'm 22 weeks, and yesterday I started spotting, like pinkish, pretty light. Today it's the same, only very slightly heavier. Enough to make a mark on my underwear. I don't have any cramping or anything. Should I be concerned? I feel worried, but I don't want to page my midwife because that's only supposed to be for emergencies, so I thought I'd ask here.
We live in a pretty LCOL area. For a family of 5 (and me pregnant), no pets, we usually spend about $600/month, including toiletries. That's with me cooking most everything from scratch, and buying mostly only things on sale. I don't buy much organic either. Milk here is $4.19 for 4 litres.
Goodness, Lillian! I could spend hours browsing all the sites you have listed! Thanks! :)  
Thank you for the suggestions everyone. :)
Thank you for all the information, Littlest Birds...that helps a lot. :)
My 5 (almost 6) year old enjoys spending time on the computer. I allow him 30 minutes each day. I'd like to find a website he could play on with educational games, or at least inoffensive games free of advertising.   When he was a bit younger he used to enjoy Starfall.com, which was great because using that site he taught himself to read! But now I guess he's too old for that...he has been spending time on sites like Hotwheels.com, which I no longer allow because...
New Posts  All Forums: