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I feel your pain. People who are comfortable financially rarely, in my experience, truly understand what it's like to not have cash for those little extras like lunch in a restaurant. They just can't grasp that some people are living so close to the edge that they don't even have that much. Over the years I lost a few friendships because I was too poor to go out on the town when they wanted to, and I guess they figured I was making excuses. Too bad I can't find any...
Well, don't worry what other people think. A lot of people just can't wrap their minds around the idea of homeschooling, it's too outside the box. Sounds like you and your son are doing great!
I do a Charlotte Mason style of education with my 6th grader, following for the most part the free curriculum at Ambleside Online. This style of education is fairly laid back and doesn't involve any textbooks or workbooks (other than math). Mostly it's reading good books, poetry, enjoying art and music, and nature study. And the lessons are kept short. All together her school work is about 2 hours per day, with more of that being reading than seat work. I find that her...
I would keep them, if I lived in a bigger house than we did now. I think they would be a great resource in terms of seeing how society's ideas have changed throughout the decades. And in another 20 years, just think how much fun they will be to read.
My oldest is 11, and she forgets stuff that she used to know all the time! Especially in math, it's so frustrating. So don't feel bad, it happens. All you can do is review the things the child has forgotten, and hope that they remember it permanently eventually.
I find that nothing makes crispier, yummier hashbrowns than bacon grease.
Yesterday I opened a container of Liberte raspberry flavoured kefir. It was all watery, with little white chunks floating in it, as if it had separated. I put it through the blender but it's still watery and seems to taste more yeasty than normal. I'm not going to drink it, because it's kind of gross, but what happened here? Perhaps the grocery store left it out of the fridge too long? Come to think of it, I don't think this is the first time this has happened...I...
My kids and I take Nature's Harmony cherry flavoured Norwegian Cod Liver Oil. They take it right off the spoon, and chase it with a gulp of orange juice. I find it you drink orange juice with it, it rinses the flavour right away.
Yes, we have a 40 book limit, although I've never actually reached that before. We can keep books out for 3 weeks, and renew them twice, for a total of 9 weeks.
This is my fourth pregnancy, and I've never vomited while pregnant, although I normally do feel a bit queasy now and then, especially when I need to eat. I'm about 9 weeks right now, and strangely, the slight queasiness I did have seems to have disappeared. I think it's because the weather is cool and breezy and I've been spending lots of time outside.
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