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For next year, when my daughter will be approximately in Grade 6, I'm looking for a math program that she will be able to use more or less on her own. I am going to very busy with our home business this fall, and I'd like to know she can do most of her schoolwork on her own even if I don't have time to do a lesson with her. She enjoys working independently anyway. She's quite good at math, and the program we are using right now (Jump Math, which follows the Ontario...
I have not used Teaching Textbooks yet, but I'm seriously considering it for my daughter for next school year (she's 11). I really like the idea that she can get a complete lesson, as well as explanations of the answers to the questions, without me having to do anything. That might sound bad, but I'm super busy right now kicking up our home business to the next level, so I really don't have enough time to sit down and do a decent math lesson with her every day. And my...
My dd is 11, and incredibly strong-willed. She argues with pretty much everything I say or do. Obviously this gets annoying pretty fast. I don't unfortunately have any advice, I just wanted to say I know what it's like, and that it will probably get worse as your dd gets older.
Quote: Originally Posted by dealic I always feel like an intruder when I post in this thread. Its like its some private club I am not quite a part of. I think its because I am not American, so am not dealing with all those services everyone always talks about. Not everyone here is American! I'm Canadian, and I don't know what they're talking about some of the time either.
Oh my gosh, what a wonderful, generous, awesome gift! Looks like you'll have some reading to do over the next little while! I've heard that that magazine was better back in the early days, when there were less ads.
Quote: Originally Posted by TwinMomPlus Dill, I'm so sorry! I hope things turn around for you. Thanks! I hope so too. Realistically though, it would take a miracle to dig us out of this mess we're in. Today I'm trying not to think about it. Quote: Originally Posted by Sweetmama26 I have a job interview tomorrow so please send positive vibes my way, I need a job with regular hours. Sweetmama, how did your job...
Hi everyone-- I've posted in these low income threads in the past, but not for a while. I'm feeling so depressed and discouraged right now! We have so many big plans, hopes and dreams, and right now I don't think we'll ever be able to accomplish any of them. Over the past 10 years or so we've just dug ourselves deeper into debt instead of moved forward. We do live frugally now, but dh has no job (except an Etsy shop that eats more money than it makes). He is finishing...
Way to go, honey-lilac! That's the right attitude to have. I have been thinking lately about the blessings we do have in the city too--trying to remain positive--and the number one thing on my list is the library, too! When we do eventually move to the country I will miss this library system way more than restaurants, shopping, or anything else that comes with city life.
Thanks! That link is perfect.
Today we picked up some various vegetable seeds to grow in the corner of my grandma's yard, which she lets us use. But what my 5-year old son really wants to try growing is potatoes. I don't know the first thing about growing potatoes. Is it possible to grow them in a container? We do have a patio in behind our house. I don't think there is enough room at my grandma's to start planting potatoes on top of everything else. Thanks!
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