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Oh wow, it's an acid found in coconut oil? I should have looked it up before...I wonder if there IS some connection there? My daughter developed psoriasis around the same time I added coconut oil to the family's diet...weird. I guess I will stop feeding her coconut oil now and see if it helps.
Quote: Originally Posted by lilyka the first one - tell her it is fine if they mention you or feature you but that you have no sample product and to please send you a link to the ariticle when they are done. This actually has happened to me several time but no one has ever asked for sample products. the second one, ask them for more details. ask them specifically what products they were looking at etc. then take some time to decide if you can offer...
It's more important to make sure your shop is coming up in searches than in anything else. We make lots of sales, and don't promote our shop at all. But I put a lot of effort into the item tags. Also, I use slightly different tags for similar items so that my items will come up in as many searches as possible.
You can always wear pretty underthings underneath your modest clothes. And I agree that physical upkeep is very important! I always feel sexier after I shave my legs and put on some toenail polish.
My husband has moderate psoriasis which runs in his dad's side of the family. He is not bothered by it very much. But now our daughter has developed psoriasis--she has it on her ears in the exact same pattern as her dad, and on her scalp as well. This isn't too bad, but now she has a patch on her eyebrow that is growing up onto her forehead. This is very traumatizing for a preteen girl (she's almost 11) as her friends are always asking her about it and acting grossed...
Thank you for letting us know! I'm currently researching how to help my 10 year old dd with her psoriasis and looking for all the ideas I can get!
I don't even know what caprylic acid is, but the possible connection between psoriasis and acid is an interesting one. I'll have to research that a bit.
My husband has psoriasis and his nails are affected, but the psoriasis is under the nail, and the top of the nail has a bumpy appearance. I have never heard of psoriasis splitting a finger nail before. I hope you were able to find out what the problem was.
Quote: Originally Posted by Auroara Bobcat To some pp, I thought I did know what living of grid ment until I stumbled upon this forum. It appears to me that some people do not have any electricity at all, which leads me to the question how are you on the internet? And I am also curious who is obtaining electricity through solar or wind power? Because my husband and I are going in the direction of wind power, when we can afford to set it...
I've always felt welcome here too, and gotten friendly answers to my questions, and I don't even live in the country--just dreaming of it right now.
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