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My daughter loved www.poissonrouge.com when she was little.
Does anyone have a favorite brand of digestive enzyme or know what I should look for? Sorry if this topic has recently been discussed - I don't have a search function on the app I'm using. Sent from my itypo
I ended up getting one from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-33135-6-Quart-Stainless/dp/B000R8A1OK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1297449790&sr=8-1   A huge selling point for me was the multiple/different sized inserts.
Bumping.  I'm looking for a crock pot and am overwhelmed by all the choices.
I appreciate everyone's input.     I have struggled a lot and will continue to, as we figure out what's best for everyone.   My husband does not support putting the dog down.  Our son broke down in tears at the thought of it and is still recovering from that discussion.  Our daughter said she loves pug more than anyone and that she would go with him if we sent him to live somewhere else (rehoming is not an option)  Both children are bonded to both of our dogs as...
We have decided that putting the dog down is not an option for our family.  The mere discussion of it traumatized our children.  Our daughter said she loves pug more than anyone in the world.  Our son broke down in tears at the thought of anyone euthanizing a dog for any reason other than the dog's suffering.  I tried to explain that under certain circumstances, it can be necessary.  We don't feel that this is one of those circumstances.  We all love this dog and feel...
His eye was removed 2 months ago.  He has always been a super happy, tail wagging pug.  The day after his eye removal he was as happy as he ever was.  He has always been very loving and sweet with our kids.  I agree that there could be something medical but wonder if it is some sort of ptsd.  He seems to have nightmares and attacks from his sleep - that has always happened with him toward our other dog.  This time he was sleeping and attacked our daughter who happened to...
He has only been aggressive toward our other dog.  There was another incident where he snapped at a stranger's dog 2 years ago.  He does not have a history of aggression toward people.
We discussed the lyme issue and he said pug would be having many other symptoms if it was the type of lyme implicated in sudden aggression.  He talked about it in depth but the bottom line for me was that he was aggressive long before he tested positive for lyme.
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