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Quote: Originally Posted by FreeThinkinMama Unfortunately it's not an option this time because we have a three year old and MIL is the only person we know who can watch her while I'm in the hospital. I'm already having a hard time dealing with the idea of being seperated from my dd, we've never spent the night apart, I want to at least know she's with a family member and I want her to be there asap to see the baby once I'm in recovery. Thanks for...
Does eveyone really spank? NO. I have been parenting for almost 6yrs now and have never laid a hand on either of my children in anger. That does not mean I have endless patience it just means hitting has never been something I had considered or thought about. Just never on my radar. to those who are struggling.
Ouch! And feet to the ribs (from inside the womb or the family bed!)
craigslist.org or call around to local thrift stores. Since they are usable for such a short time, I would buy used. Congrats!
Quote: Originally Posted by uccomama Are you sure? My DS goes to a very small private school based on the Buddhist Shambhala teachings -- only K and combined 1st/2nd grade so far and they positively encourage parent volunteers. I help out in the pm's with reading, I can only do once a month, but could do more if I wanted to. I also subbed one day when a teacher was out. We are still searching so who knows but so far none have parents in the...
We would like to switch our 5yo from public K to private. Our biggest concern is that philosophy based private schools are not exactly welcoming to parents wanting to come into the classroom. Currently we are in our son's classroom about once per week volunteering for various things. In addition to that, parents are encouraged to volunteer for lunch duty, recess, etc. for the entire school. The fact is, the school is horribly under funded and under staffed so they have...
I was able to either carry one in a MT in front and one in a MT in back, or a sling in front and a MT in back. Mine were 3.5yrs apart and both quite heavy so I could not do this for long. They are now 3 and 5.5 and I have done it a few times recently for fun.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brown Lioness OH doulas take photos too?! I thought would be a misuse of their time so I was dreading having to invite someone i didnt want in there to photograph the labor and birth, lol. Doulas will do whatever the client wants (obviously, within reason)
My first took two naps for about 1 yr but my second child began napping only once by the time she was 6 mo old. I believe it may have had something to do with her needing quiet to nap and not always having that as we were out and about a lot with her brother.
I'm convinced, thank you everyone
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