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Well, here it is a week later and my baby is still rashy. iowaorganic, how would I know if it was yeast? I don't think it is heat rash because she has it even if she is cold. Plus it is only on her cheeks with a little on her scalp. No where else on her body.
My baby is almost 6 weeks old and her face is still rashy. It went from acne to a thicker red rash. Anyone else have a baby with a face rash or acne this long?
Updated to here!
Post here when you've had your baby!
Congratulations!  Welcome babies!   * March 12 ~ jocelyndale ~ Aenea Anwen at 28 weeks (home at 12w5d actual / 5d adjusted) * April 25 ~ heartofawarrior ~ Acelin Angel (3.5lbs) and Aries Alastair (4.5lbs) at 33.5 weeks * May 19 ~ mck211 ~ Megan * May 21 ~ Motherto4 ~ Finland McLane T. (6lbs 2oz) * May 22 ~ CorgiMommy ~ Sean Christopher (3kg) * May 22 ~ MidnightCommando ~ Violet (6lbs 9oz and 19in) at 36.4 weeks * May 26 ~ eviemp ~ Ellie Raine (7lbs 2oz)...
We thought we had a name, but now I'm not sure. Anyone else having a hard time with names still?
Updated!  Our first baby is here!
There is a yahoo group that you can join to get more information and support.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Hypnobabies/
Can you wait to show up at the hospital until you are in transition or pushing?  I know a few friends have done this and it worked well when they didn't have any other options.  And even if the doctor wants to induce you and even schedules it, it doesn't mean you have to show up.
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