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OOh I can so relate! My almost 5 month old is getting up every 2hrs.. I am a stay at home Mom and have just been SO tired lately. Dh tells me to just let him cry and I am tempted I admit it!  But I couldn't ever do that to him :( I am starting to feel desperate and cranky and wish there was an answer.   HUGS!!
I am so very sorry for you loss and for all the hurtful things that were said you you :( Your family is in my prayers.
Ugh I feel your pain. I have 4 kiddos incuding a 19month old and I am totally completely exahusted.  Taking care of the toddler while pregnant is the hardest, bending over, changing diapers while he kicks me in the belly and climbs on my constantly. Not to mention that this baby is so low that my hips and pelvis are constantly in pain.   My first two were 17mos apart.. second two were 18mos apart and even though the exahustion of having lots of little children...
Welcome! :)
Umm Yeah VBAC isn't ilegal anywhere http://vbacfacts.com/2009/02/28/is-vbac-illegal/I I I am sorry you had a bad experience, hopefully talking to your OB and having your dh for support will help.    
I never have either, I think that much blood would concern me. Maybe possibly you have a really low lying placenta?  
Well it probably would have worked a little better if I wouldn't have been waay to early and not ready to go into labor.    In hindsight it worked out though b/c he was 9lbs 8oz at 37w and almost had shoulder distocia, so I was glad.  With #2 my doctor stripped my membranes and  I was at 3 and 80% and went immediately into hard labor and had him a couple hours later.  
I am thinking about cutting it into bite size chunks and freezing it and just taking them as pills. There is no one around here that encapsulates and I am not sure I will be up for it.
This is me pretty much exactly... I have had the last 3 early but not before 37weeks.  
Cervix is super low (has been whole pregnancy) I am about 2cm outside but 0 inside... I am only 33w so I am good with that!   I try not to check mine, I stripped my membranes with #3 and had a very loooong labor. With #4 I had PROM and ended up with a C-section so I don't want to do anything to encourage PROM again!
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