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I agree with this. I loathe the gender specific Lego idea. Luckily my 5yo girl covets Star Wars sets.
Which stars and planet app did you get?  I'm interested in getting one that I can reference during the day, but the ones I have found seem to be real- time ones it use outside at night.
I just saw this http://www.ruthsrealfood.com/2011/11/can-apple-cider-vinegar-treat-your-gerd.html
I get a whole chicken every other week from a farmer, and it comes with the liver.  I'm not sure what to do with it.  I don't love liver just by itself.    Is there some way I can use it well?  Blend it up and put it with ground beef in hamburgers or tacos?   If I were to cook it on its own should I just saute it in butter until the center is barely pink?  Then we could each just have a bite.   Any suggestions on how to cook it by itself or in a recipe?
Where are you coming from, what time of year will it be and what do you like to do?   Balboa Park is nice - lots of museums that are fun for a two year old, the zoo, playgrounds, lots of open space and paths, a couple of nice restaurants and places to have a snack or a coffee.  No beach or ocean view, though.   Coronado Island is nice, there is a beach, shops, a little town area.  There is a ferry boat that goes there from the downtown area, or you can drive over...
I hope you found someone who could help you. My advice would be to try the midwives at UCSD. I think they attend VBACs but not in the Birth Center, in L&D.  
prancie,   I'm intrigued by the idea of making stock in the oven.  Do you cover the pots?   Thank you!
Trader Joe's now carries potato chips made with olive oil.  I haven't checked the details . . .
Brooke Ray also attended my home births.  I recommend her without reservations.
Any tips on how to put FCLO in capsules?  It's sticky stuff.
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