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I would find that pretty invasive.     Are you sure the real estate agents are legit?  I used to work for a real estate agent, no way they would do something like that.   Are you sure they're not trying to case your house or something?  Definitely do not invite anyone in who claims to be a real estate agent.  
I'm intrigued by your mission, Tyler.   Is your petition supported by any of the major intactivist organizations?   Why are you so interested in the intactivist movement?  What drew you to it?   Thank you for bringing this important potential legislation to our attention and to our leaders.  
Hi, Sorry I didn't come back earlier.  I had been misinformed that my Banishment from MDC was imminent.   It was posted on a thread that I had posted on that all members who were posting on that thread would be banned.   Seraf, I'm sorry you feel manipulated.       I felt that the best way for the OP to remain standing for more than a few hours was if I did not specifically mention MDC in it.  The conversation I was trying to have with y'all was happening elsewhere on...
She is 8.5 mos!  We are doing SO well!   She is thriving on donor milk and anything and everything that isn't nailed down, she loves solid food and eats everything, it's kind of crazy.   And she just started pulling herself up to standing and she's cruising.  
Yeah, I had no idea about a lot of things because I mostly stuck to this forum and my DDC.  Since the MDC reformat, things have gotten really ugly around here.    
Please make your views known to MDC.   The entire conversation is happening in TAO and the thread is here http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1317536/mothering-supports-racist-homophobic-diatribe/40#post_16507262
I'm wondering specifically about people like, oh, say Pat Robertson?     How do you explain to your kids when someone espouses such hatred for your family?   What would you do if an organization you support, and whose goals you generally agree with, supports a political or religious figure who promotes homophobia and hatred?     This recently came up for our family, and I'm wondering what you would do in a similar circumstance.   Thanks!  
Op, I was in a similar situation.  I had a bilateral mastectomy 9 years before my daughter was born, and I had nipple grafts, but no reconstruction - it was an elective mastectomy, I am FtM transgender.   I planned to feed my daughter donor milk, and I had a friend who pumped for me from the time her daughter was a few days old, plus I collected milk from some lovely donors.   Originally, I had hoped to feed my daughter at my chest, using an SNS, but my...
Particularly Simonee's points: "For whatever reason, she needs the comfort of knowing there is always more food than she would be able to eat in her life at the moment. "    "Maybe she knows the feeling of an empty stomach to an extent that (almost) no Western woman will ever know. Maybe food is her emotional peacegiver"   do relate to the adoption related concerns.     I find it odd that you seem to think yourself in a position to decide what is helpful the OP....
As a guy who recently gave birth, I would have loved to have had the option of being attended by a male (or trans) midwife.     One of the people on my birth team was a trans guy who had previously been discouraged from doula training by a local homebirth midwife who runs a doula course.  After my birth, the CNM who attended me commented that everyone should have someone as awesome as him on their birth team.  They wanted to keep him at the hospital, he was so...
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