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I have long heavy hair as well and scarves and headbands rarely stay on well for me. The only way I've been able to keep them on is to clip them in place with the clippy barettes or by using bobby pins. And even then I usually have to reset the scarf at least once during the day. I have seen some special headbands on some of the headcovering sites that will help keep the scarf in place, but I've never tried them so I don't know how effective they are.
I have staticky hair too. I've noticed that using lemon juice helps some. It doesn't solve it completely but my hair reacts way better to lemon juice than to ACV. Also, I'm wondering if you could skip the baking soda and just use the ACV or lemon juice. Not everyone needs to do the baking soda and some have found that after they've no poo'd long enough that they can just rinse with water and massage their scalp and that is sufficient.
I just wanted to let you know that. I am a Facebook user and I am so appalled and dismayed by all the people who are supportive of the father who shot his daughter's computer because she said something negative about him. Seriously?!?!  Why would this ever be okay to anyone? Anyway, I knew you mamas would understand how this so wrong. So thank you! For being here and loving your kids!
Kudos to you mama for standing your ground. I have had similar experiences in the past with my family when my kids were younger. I learned to ignore them because it simply wasn't worth the fight. I know the comments are hurtful, but keep reminding yourself that the end result is a child who will become an adult who is capable of love and empathy and learning how to negotiate with others without using force. Keep up the good work!
Wow Huntress Mother, that is super scary. MRSA is awful. I am glad you that are better though. Thanks for the moral support by the way. It does to help that other people have kind of gone through this transition and people in their lives didn't freak out about it.
I am so glad to find this thread. I stopped shaving for awhile a few years ago because I kept having MRSA outbreaks in my armpits and my doctor thought it might be related to shaving. When I discovered what it really WAS connected to I started shaving again, not sure why now that I think of it. I haven't shaved in a few months and I'm on the fence about it. I actually like it and I hate shaving so it's definitely a convenience to me to not have to mess with it at all....
I meal planned for my emergency kit  using this book: http://www.amazon.com/Apocalypse-Chow-Well-When-Power/dp/B001B2HIIS/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1327963331&sr=1-1 I really liked it and it is well worth the cost. Not only does it have a variety of recipes using canned and nonperishable goods, but it also has a lot of tips on what to do to prepare for different disasters. The recipes are definitely adaptable and you can substitute what your little one can eat....
Subbing. I am really struggling with meal planning lately. I am trying hard to be vegan but I also need to be GF as well. And I am SO sick of eating beans and lentils.
Thank you so much for your help Koalamom!
I've worked in special ed aside from having own special needs kiddos. I had one student who flat out refused to keep shoes on at school (grades k-2, this was a long term issue.) His parents bought him hightops (converse style) and those managed to stay on most of the time. The teacher next to me had another little one who wouldn't keep his shoes on either. Problem was when he took them off he would launch them at other little ones heads. She finally resorted to taping...
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