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KitchenQueen, I am sorry all those things happened to you. I can;t imagine how difficult it was to be in a cast towards the end of a pregnancy, and then dealing with everything else on top of that. Ugh! ((((HUGS)))) to you. I too hate it when kids get stolen from. It's like a crash course in the unfairness of life and it really sucks when they have to learn that lesson early on. Childhood is supposed to be the one time when you can be innocent and the world is awesome....
((((HUGS))) to you Mama. I am sorry that you have lost your mother as well. Strange how the timelines for both of our moms was the same. Well I survived the first day of 2012 and it went pretty well. I am going to try to think positively and assume this is an omen of good things to come! Thank you lmakcerka and ella for your hugs and sympathy.
Thrift stores. I've found all my skirts there for only a few dollars. it takes some time and patience but I've never left a thrift store where I haven't found at least a couple of longer skirts. You could also buy regular length dresses and wear them over pants or leggings. I do this when I need to wear jeans for work.
Corn Chowder is super yummy and can easily be veganized if wanted. I just do two cans of creamed corn, potatoes, onion and evaporated milk. Plain hemp milk is a good vegan substitute as well. Let it cook until potatoes are soft and then top with fake bacon bits. Easy and a real comfort food kind of soup.
....pity party thread, but fact is that's exactly what this will be. 2011 sucked in unimaginable ways.Seriously THE.WORST.YEAR. I have ever had. Period. The one thing I keep hanging on to is that in 6 and a half more hours it will be over and gone.  I apologize ahead of time for this, but I will be using this thread to dump. I really need to get this out. We started the year off with the Jan 8th shooting in Tucson, which is right around the corner from where we live...
Wow. Fortunately my kitty doesn't chew on furniture, but like you we have to do frequent scans to make sure there is nothing around that he would like to eat. I'm glad to hear that your little friend outgrew the habit, that give me hope that maybe mine might outgrow it too.    
Well I have cats, not dogs, but can definitely spin a tale or two about pet pica. They both adore eating non-food objects, but the one cat LOVES anything stringy. Yarn, rubber bands, thread, elastic. He tugged and pulled on my altar cloth until he could get some threads to eat one time, and this turned into a $1800 vet bill to open up his belly and get the threads out. Another time both of them went to work on one of my blouses that was in the laundry. They both ate the...
I'm really sorry for your loss Storm Bride. I've lost my mother and grandmother this year and my dad is not well either. I've had dysfunctional family drama as well and I can definitely see why you'd be upset at your Aunt and Dad. It's hard enough going through losing someone you love, but to add a nice layer of crap on top of it all sometimes is more than what we can bear. I hope you have many fond memories to warm your heart and ease your sorrow.
This! I really don't think the pastor is going to make an @$$ out of himself by stopping the song midstream and insisting that the niece sit down. I wouldn't tell anyone other than close family that it was going to happen, and when the time comes, have the aunt and niece go up there together and do their tribute. Fact is it is your IL's church, and both of them have no passed away, so what ramifications could there possibly be by doing this?
My younger DS was very sensitive to noise when he was younger too. We definitely did the noiseblocking head sets for a long time, and he also did AIT training. It eventually helped ( I think, or it could be that he just grew out of it) but it took a long time to see results. I have a lot of empathy for your son because I am the same way. I am 40 years old and it makes my skin crawl to be around people who eat noisily. Someone licking their fingers sends me completely...
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