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I am glad you guys got the apartment but sad that it isn't helping as much as you hoped it would. I can't remember if you mentioned this or not, but my son has reflux, particularly at night, and his gastro recommended that we elevate the head of the bead. Is this possible for your DS? Or could he even sleep in a swing where he would be mostly sitting? I hope you find some relief soon. Having just one high needs child is difficult, but when you have two and one of them...
  I hope they resolve this soon so that he can heal.
I thought the pictures were very touching and bittersweet. I have not miscarried or lost a child, so I can only imagine how painful that must be. It just seemed so sad to see that tiny little hand on Michelle's finger. So tremendously sad! I truly hope that they find some comfort in the days ahead.
My son's class does a secret santa exchange but the teacher has done it in a really cool way. He's in special ed and has this teacher for three years in a row, so she knows the kids really well. Instead of having the parents buy something, she provides a wide variety of craft items and the student has to make a gift for his buddy. My son has received a hand made felt pillow (green which is his favorite color and he still loves that pillow two years later), and a bead...
Honestly I wouldn't leave DD alone with her again. She obviously has boundary issues and doesn't take you seriously when you've brought them up. I would be extremely cautious because of the vaccination thing. In my opinion, she can't be trusted to leave these decisions to you, so I wouldn't allow her unsupervised access to your DD.
I somehow missed this and this is a few months behind the times, but I second Target. I've found some really great scarves there that are big enough to use for covering. Some of them were on clearance for really cheap too!
Wow. I never would have thought that mold would case gastrointestinal issues but I guess it doesn't surprise me. Mold is really problematic and can cause so many illnesses. I am glad that you have at least found an answer. Is there anyplace you can go with the baby until you can move?
Yup. There are times of the month where I really crave higher levels of protein. I can usually pull through, although I have fallen off the wagon myself. I don't know how you feel about it, but sometimes if I know I'm on the verge I will eat fish. I'm not in the camp that believes that fish don't have nerves or whatever, they are still a living being in my mind, but for some reason I can cope better with eating a fish than with eating a cow or a chicken. Go figure.  
FIBJ, I feel pretty safe in saying that if her baby could speak, he would let his mother know that he wanted to eat whatever made him feel better. Yes, BFing is great. Being well and feeling good and being pain free is even better. This isn't colic, this isn't being fussy, this baby clearly has a medical problem. If the baby needs formula to not be sick then that is what the baby deserves to have.
I don't think the problem here was you not putting your foot down soon enough. Most responsible people would understand the inappropriateness of inviting your friends over while you are nannying and then allowing them to take a nap in your bosslady's bed. Or spending all your time with your parole violating boyfriend while you are supposed to be caring for three small children. As for your DH, I'm not sure what to say. She was inappropriate on so many levels that it...
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