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*Bump* Just moving this up on the list to meet some more people : ) Anyone interested in getting together for a play date sometime soon? I have a 3 1/2 year old son and 5 year old daughter that would love to make some new friends : )
I'm in Brentwood! That's not far from Tracy!
Thanks to everyone for replying to my OP! I really appreciate hearing what you all have had to say!
I am in the city of Brentwood, in east San Francisco Bay Area. Are you near here or near the Los Angeles Brentwood area?
I had a very rough, abusive childhood. I have made a commitment to my children and myself to practice gentle discipline to the best of my ability. I don't spank my children (ages almost 5 and 3 1/2) even though I definitely have the urge to when I'm angry. I have fought my past demons very hard to get to a point where the urges are even far and few between. I do yell when I am extremely frustrated but I am working very hard to stop yelling. When I am out in public and I...
We're far east East Bay, in Brentwood.
Anyone want to walk tomorrow after Jon gets off work?? I asked him to come straight home and he said he would. Anyone want to meet? Nicole
What is the challenge? I had a great time at the movies! It was fun to be a "grown-up" (or was that a "teenager"?) for a few hours, LOL. I am open tues, thurs, or fridays for walking, also. Mon and Weds are dance night.
P.S. Thanks Phoenix for having us over on New Years! We had a blast!
I am in,too! I am not sure if the 2:30 afternoon Saturday one in Pleasant Hill would work (because of Jon's class from 10-12, plus driving time to Stockton), but any of those other times sound great!
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