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Apply to the court to take custody? Wait until they are so up in arm s about the deplorable behaviour of their children that you can suggest that you'll take them. I'd probably try and find ways to get their children taken by CPS so that I could apply to raise them. Ends justifies the means sometimes. I'm evil, I know.
Of course he thinks she's being emotionally abused. He is obviously poisioning her mind into rejecting her Dad. And she obviously isn't as much fun as she used to be, and it must be because he is sucking the life out of her and making her become a boring soccer mom. He's draining the life and fun out of her. I know a couple of these type of people, so I'm not really guessing.
I can and do donate blood. My 18th donation was yesterday.
Oh I know what that might be. You stumbled on a villi culture. http://www.gemcultures.com/
Found this looking into something else, but still very interesting. http://www.megson.com/readings/ClinicialOfTheMonth.pdf
doesn't sound that abnormal to me.
SAM-e is S-adenosyl-methionine and it is a methyl donor co-enzyme. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-adenosyl_methionine It has been used in Europe for many years. It has scientific studies done on it that prove that it is just as effective as SSRIs without the side-effects. Of course, if you actually read the studies they like to spin the words and make it sound like something else but that it is just wordsmithing. Gingko Biloba is an extra from the tree by that...
The extract/tincture works better. Did you know that in the lab they originally got progesterone by taking wild yam and mixing it with hydrochloric acid - the acid in your stomach.
"I know you are mad. I love you." If the fit is too disruptive, remove him to anther room to have it out.
Yeah, I'd say MCV too.
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