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My second daughter picks and sucks thumbs. And picks. And picks. And plays with nipples. And picks. She has owies that have been around as long as my son. She is bright, she is reserved, she is intense, she is advanced for her age....and she has a Sensory Integration Disorder. This isn't the only little sign of it - when it became apparent that she cannot control it, I finally went to see someone to get a diagnosis. Just a possibility.
I had a time line in mind when I was single. I'd give it until I was 34 (the age I am now) and if I didn't have a partner by then (or had one and it went south before children) then I was going to have them on my own schedule. I even informed my parents. Surprisingly, even my father was okay with this. As long as he got grandchildren from me he thought that it was a good enough plan. My plan though was too travel and pick some nice looking unsuspecting men from...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stinkerbell Jack. My last name is Kass Right up there with Ima and Shesa Hogg.
Love you have fun. Can we throw a party for you when you get back?
Funny, Atticus is my son's name and was my DH's idea. Love it. Hamish. Because I'm not having anymore babies.
Silver is an excellent material for a spoon. It has antibacterial and antifungal qualities. I specifically took two old silver spoons from my mother's grandmother just for feeding babies. Keep it. It has hundreds of years of use and is healthy. Unlike the other materials used to make baby and children's eating utensils and dinnerware. Melamine, and plastics, and amalgalms of metals.
0 to 1. Holy Cow.
I have an actual wrap nursing shirt. I didn't realize that my darling DD1 had undone the knot while having a screaming kicking hissy fit on the floor of the bookstore while I tried to figure out how to carry out the mess of a child and hold the new baby too. The guy who chuckled walking past me is what alerted me. Because she started doing it while I was nursing, and I tried to leave quickly I also hadn't done up my nursing bra underneath. When I first had DD1,...
For years and years I lost my wallet. It was a nice old Chanel wallet that was given to me. I lost it about 12 times. Literally lost. Left it on a public phone on a busy street. Dropped out of my pocket while I was walking home (the people who found it ended up later being the parents of a friend that I met and befriended several years later). Got stolen out of a smashed window from my vehicle with my student loan in it....and I found it several kms away. That sort...
You know that idea that people tend to marry/partner with another person who has some similarities to family members. Maybe not overtly (though sometimes). Or sometimes partner to people who trigger our issues....issues that usually stem from things in our formative years...which were spent with our family of origin. If we partner to people who have these dynamics, then it is likely that the very things that attract us and trigger us with our partners ALSO trigger...
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