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Quote: Originally Posted by DarkHorseMama As an FYI, a very close friend (who is mid-50s) dated "Ernest", whose real name is Jim Varney, when they were both much younger. Keep in mind that Ernest is a character, including the goofy voice and mannerisms. She said that in real life, Jim was absolutely charming, wildly funny and very handsome. You know, after reading this I seem to remember that when I was a teenager some woman I knew had dated...
Public displays in front of MILs of tounge kissing and legs wrapped around should dispell that right. She'll soon be begging you to stop.
Actually, I think that makes for a good list. If you see these in a child/family on a consistent basis I believe a call to children's services is a good idea.
My first goes to a science based public school. They don't do everyday outdoors, but they do at least 2 or 3 field trips a month, and many more in the vicinity of the school outside. Some field trips are actually entire moduals done outside every day for a couple of weeks at a time. The school does have a kindergarten.
I don't have a box, but I do have a light for this. I do actually find that it has some effect. I also find that getting Sun helps. So getting outside and letting the sun hit your skin.
I use SAM-e and Ginkgo to enhance it.
Is she married? Are you sure that she might not have some issue that might require that you force her to get help? As in, is she old enough that she might be showing the signs of dementia or alzheimers...? Because depression and anxiety are very common with both. The problem in that case would not be that you create a relationship. It would be that you have to use legal means to invoke you getting power to get her diagnosed.
No. I know that some people do it, because I've been on forums where it was common.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kerlowyn Mike Rowe....hot... Mike Holmes....smokin' hot... Holmes reminds me too much of my Dad.
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